EZ Peel Metallic & Neon Instructions

Whether your just starting your heat press transfer business, or are a seasoned pro, you’ll need to make sure the settings you use are correct for the type of garment your printing.


Print Settings

Paper Setting: Transparency, Film, Foil

Print Setting: Multi-Purpose Tray, Single Sheet Feeder

Image Mode: Mirror Image (print on coated side of colored film)

Color Settings: B&W Printers: All Colors: 100% Black with increased density

CMYK Printers: All Colors: 400% Composite Black (C:100, Y:100, M:100, K:100)

8432WT & 9541: – Neon Colors: 100% White
                         – Metallic Colors: 400% Composite Black (C:100, Y:100, M:100, K:100)

Create Transfer
1. Set Temperature on Heat Press and set to a Medium-High Pressure – All Colors: 260-275°F
2. Print Design on EZ “A” paper using a Laser Printer with 100% Black/ White Toner (This is the color coated paper) *ONLY print on the Matte side, not the glossy side – DO NOT PRINT ON “B” PAPER (Note yellow words on back)
3. Pre-heat the lower platen of your heat press by closing it for 90 to 120 seconds.
4. Cover lower platen with Utility sheet or regular copy paper to protect it from getting dirty.
5. Place “A” Paper (with your design on it) in the middle of the Heat Press – your printed design side up.
6. Place “B” Paper on “A” Paper -Yellow letters side up.
7. Rub to ensure no wrinkles
8. Cover all with 5 sheets of regular copy paper.
9. Press together for 90 (8.5”x11”) or 120 (11”x17”) seconds with medium-high pressure.
10. While keeping “A” & “B” Paper flat on the HOT Heat Press – Quickly Remove copy paper & rub for 5 seconds with cloth to ensure a good grip of materials.
11. DO NOT LET IT COOL – Peel the “B” Paper straight back on itself in a slow, low and fluid motion without stopping or lifting from lower platen of Heat Press.
12. Trim the white coating frame from all four sides.
13. You have just completed the Marrying Process & the transfer is ready to be applied!

***Double Check that your entire design has a layer of the milky white polymer on top of your toner. Any spots that do not have the polymer will not transfer correctly. ***

Transfer Application
1. Set Temperature on Heat Press accordingly (See settings below)
2. Place substrate the on the lower platen of the heat press and pre-press to remove moisture and wrinkles.
3. Place transfer on substrate (the printed side down) and cover with Silicone sheet and press with low pressure according to substrate type (See Chart)
4. Take Product off Heat Press without shifting/lifting paper.
5. IT MUST COOL COMPLETELY. (Any warmth will cause issues)
6. Then lift corner and roll back on itself. Try not to Lift transfer up or pull on material while doing this.

** *If there are little “extra bits” on the edges of your transfer that seem loose but aren’t part of your design, don’t worry. The transfer will only stick where there was polymer and luckily the polymer will only stick where there was toner!***

1. Place substrate back on heat press and cover with Utility or parchment paper. Press with heavy pressure for 30 seconds at application temperature to finish (You’ll notice your paper before this final press is High Gloss, afterwards it is more Matte. This is because the transfer is now embedded on your substrate.)

Cotton: 275 – 310°F, 30 seconds
Polyester: 265 – 285°F, 30 seconds
Nonwoven Polypropylene: 220°F, 20 seconds
Paper/Cardboard: 220°F, 15 seconds
Book Cover: 230°F, 15 seconds

Tips and Tricks

  • Please practice using this paper by printing several small designs on one sheet, cutting them apart and testing them separately before attempting to transfer for the first time. These instructions are guidelines and may need to be adjusted to your press, workspace or unique substrate.
  • If you are not achieving and even coating of B-Paper polymer over your print, reduce temperature by 5°F and peel more slowly for more even results.
  • Avoid placing the transfer over or near collars, seams or pockets as this will create uneven pressure.
  • Do not use with stretch or ribbed fabrics. These may cause the transfer to separate.
  • Washing: Wash cold inside out, delicate cycle. Fluff or air dry for best results.
  • Consider using Thermal Tape to tape the 5 copy sheets together for ease of use and removal.

All Supplies can be found at www.colmanandcompany.com. 887-793-3278 x 4007



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