This article gives you a brief and basic explanation of what HTV is and how you can use it to amp up an already successful apparel decorating business!

What is HTV?

HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, is a polyurethane material that allows any apparel decorator to create a design, cut and weed it out, and heat apply it onto a garment.

Our HTV feels soft and smooth to the touch and does not feel rubbery or stiff. The next thing you will notice is just how clean it cuts because of the thin material and the strong backing it is attached to.

The weeding process is easy and smooth every time. We have never had an issue weeding any of our colors, even the most intricate designs. It is fully adhered in 10 seconds and you can peel it “hot”, which means it can be peeled immediately after pressing it.

Are there different styles of HTV available?

Yes, we offer multiple styles/patterns of HTV including Opaque (our most popular style), Glitter, Patterned, Metallic/Flake and Mermaid Skin.

We also offer Sticker/Sign vinyl which allows you to create stickers or decals to apply to any hard surface. These styles of vinyl come in many color varieties.

Click on each photo below to see the color options


Can I create multiple color designs?

Yes! You most definitely can create multiple color designs using our HTV. This process would all be done in the design software before you send your creation to the cutter.

Our HTV is also capable of being layered on top of one another (3 layers max).

When pressing, you only need to press the bottom layer(s) for 1 second to tack it down and then a full 10 second press at the end is needed to fully tack down all your layers.

 How do I cut out HTV?

A vinyl cutter/plotter is needed to cut out HTV and we sell the Graphtec Cutter. Graphtec is proud of its reputation as a proven global leader in imaging products for the garment and apparel industry. With Graphtec, you can depend on superior performance, reliability, precision and quality production output. Graphtec professional cutting plotters are the industry top performer for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. They are also MAC and PC compatible.

We sell this cutter by itself in multiple sizes, which you can find here:

or you can purchase it with one of our Cut N Press business starter kits found here:


What kind of T-shirts can I use?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of apparel you can use. The rule of thumb that we tell our customers is that whether it’s cotton, polyester, or a moisture-wick material like UnderArmor, if it can withstand the heat, you can apply HTV to it.

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