Two-Color Hotfix Rhinestone Designs with StickyFlock

If a single color of hotfix rhinestones will be beautiful on a T-shirt or jacket, two colors should double the brilliance!

Peace Hotfix Rhinestone Design

How to make a simple two-color hotfix rhinestone design with StickyFlock template material.

If a single color of hotfix rhinestones will be beautiful on a T-shirt or jacket, two colors should double the brilliance!

Peace Hotfix Rhinestone Design

How to make a simple two-color hotfix rhinestone design with StickyFlock template material.

If you think a single color of hotfix rhinestones will look fantastic on T-shirts, hoodies, spiritwear and other garments, imagine how much more impressive they will be with two colors! Using two different colors on a hotfix rhinestone design can make any product spectacular.

The Brush-N-Bake hotfix rhinestone decorating system with StickyFlock Template Material is perfect for making money with two-color rhinestone transfers on all sorts of products—clothing, headwear, accessories and more.

Adding shine isn’t just limited to fabric, either. With hard-surface hotfix rhinestone decal material you can promote cell phone cases, motorcycle helmets, car windows and even bumper stickers with the bling that customers love!  Don’t forget about marketing mixed media products, combining embroidery, direct to garment or screen-printing with hotfix rhinestone designs.

A popular two-color hotfix rhinestone design is block lettering with an outline. It is easy to create, and the contrasting colors add an extra dimension that brings a sparking image to new heights.

Creating a two-color image for hotfix rhinestones

Start with creating images using Sierra’s Hotfix Era Rhinestone Transfer software, adjusting the image to have a border:

  1. Make a copy of the original and set it as a separate layer.
  2. Choose one image, and add rhinestones on the outline shape. Try for a contrasting color, so you can easily see the difference.  You can always remove the solid shape.
  3. On the duplicate image, create an inset shadow. The amount of shadow will depend on what size rhinestones you want to use. Delete the original image, and only work with the shadow image of the fill. Change to a different color. (Delete the solid shape
  4. Select both images and stack them together.
  5. You can split the circles and place them anywhere you want, and then join them to see the effect of the finished product.
  6. Send each layer separately to your Graphtec CE6000-40 Plotter/Cutter, cutting the StickyFlock in two sets, one for the solid shape, the other for the outline.

Assembling a two-color hotfix rhinestone transfer

Once you have the two stencils cut on StickyFlock (one for the fill, the other for the outline), start with the piece representing the fill of the design. Lay it down on the StickyFlock workstation, so it is firmly attached.

  • Pour the fill color of hotfix rhinestones over the StickyFlock material, brushing the stones into place with the StickyFlock brush. Most stones will fall in to the holes of the stencil shiny-side-up, but if there are a few stones upside down, use tweezers to turn them over.
  • Take the transfer tape and place it over the StickyFlock fill pattern. For a two color design, cut enough of the transfer tape so one side can be taped onto the workstation. This makes the transfer tape able to be lifted like a page in a book. The goal is to secure the tape on the workstation so it can be pressed twice on the design, once for the fill and the other for the border.
  • Press the transfer tape firmly over the hotfix rhinestones, to pick up all of the stones in the fill design.
  • Lay the StickyFlock of the border directly over the fill piece. StickyFlock is easily repositioned, so the border lines up exactly with the fill design.
  • Re-lay the transfer tape on the border layer, pressing it firmly to pick up the hotfix rhinestones on the border, so it lines up perfectly with the stones on the fill.
  • Carefully remove the transfer tape. You now have a two-color hotfix rhinestone design ready for the heat press!

Don’t forget to save your work!

Remove both layers of StickyFlock, and put them on a piece of BackerBoard for easy storage for future use. You can file them away for the next time you need a two-color design.

Two-color hotfix rhinestone designs can be even easier, with the CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines. With CAMS, hotfix rhinestone transfers can be created quickly and accurately. It is the best professional upgrade from the Brush-N-Bake system.

Either way, two-color hotfix rhinestone designs are extremely high-profit additions to your product line! For more information on how you can be making more money with multi-color hotfix rhinestone transfer designs, contact about the CAMS Machine or Colman and Company regarding Brush n Bake at  1-800-891-1094 today!

Do you have any great tips on working with hotfix rhinestone designs with two, or more, colors? Let us know in the comments below.



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