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THERMOSEAL - 4" X 11 Yd Roll | ThermoSeal-4X11-Roll
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: ThermoSeal-4X11-Roll
THERMOSEAL - 4" X 11 Yd Roll
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: ThermoSeal-4X11-Roll

    THERMOSEAL - 4" X 11 Yd Roll

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    Our ThermoSeal 4" X 11 yard roll is a heat activated film for sealing needle punctures. *(Not for all materials, see below)

    Question: "What does that mean to me?"
    Well, if you ever had to embroidery on a collapsible lunch bag or perhaps a raincoat, how do you keep the liquid from seeping in or out of all those tiny little holes?

    Answer: ThermoSeal Film.

    Useful for rain gear, duffel bags, umbrellas, backpacks, tents, work clothes, sports equipment bags, etc.

    Step one > Remove all backing after your sew out is done.
    Step two > Cut ThermoSeal about 1" larger than your design.
    Step three > Place ThermoSeal onto the bobbin side of your design, with the GLOSSY side against the bobbin thread.
    Step four > Seal with a heat press set to 266F-300F, medium pressure, for 10-15 seconds. Make sure the item can handle the heat of your press before proceeding. 8-}

    For best results, wait 48 hours for ThermoSeal to set before any washing tests.

    * Test material compatibility before proceeding with the steps listed above, Press a small piece of ThermoSeal to the intended area of use, if it sticks to the area, then continue with your game plan.

    If it does not stick, than the ThermoSeal will not properly adhere. Even under the heat press, it will not work.

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