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Polished Natural Metamorphic Rock Photo Slate 7X7in | PhotoSlate0707
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: PhotoSlate0707
Polished Natural Metamorphic Rock Photo Slate 7X7in
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: PhotoSlate0707

    Polished Natural Metamorphic Rock Photo Slate 7X7in

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    Our rock photo slates are specifically designed for sublimation printing. These are made to display full color, vibrant photographs and images in an elegant presentation. With chiseled edges and an earthly rock make, this 7"x7" photo slate can be used to showcase a special moment like graduations, anniversaries and much more. 

    This rock photo slate has a flat surface and includes a black, plastic stand. 

    How to Customize Sublimation Photo Slates 


    Heat Press Settings 

    Time: 7 minutes/420 seconds 

    Temperature: 400 degrees Fahrenheit 

    Pressure: Medium 


    1. Print your graphic on your sublimation printer leaving room for a bleed.  
    2. Secure the photo slate face down onto the transfer using heat tape. 
    3. Sandwich the photo slate face down between two standard finishing sheets and add a flexible finishing sheet on top   
    4. Press 
    5. Carefully remove the transfer from the photo slate. 

    NOTE: Time will vary depending on your heat press and the size of the photo slate. 

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