How to Sublimate Rock Photo Slates

Photo Slates are a great way to display special memories like anniversaries or graduations in an elegant way.  

We offer photo slates that feature chiseled edges, an earthly rock make, and a white polyester-coated surface, perfect for a sublimation print. 

They also include plastic feet so that they are ready for assembly after printing!  

Step-by-step decorating instructions:

1. Print your image on sublimation paper using a sublimation printer (We recommend the Sawgrass SG1000).

2. After cutting out the transfers, place the photo slate face down onto the transfer using heat tape to secure it into place.

Tip: Make sure your design has a bleed. A bleed is when the design goes beyond the final trim edge of any piece of printed artwork. This will ensure the image covers the whole photo slate.  

3. Dress your press in the following order:

Press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure for 7 minutes or 420 seconds.  

Please note that heat press settings will vary depending on the type of heat press being used and the size of the photo slate.  

CAUTION NOTE: The photo slates AND the flexible finishing sheet will be extremely hot after pressing! Before moving onto step four, carefully remove the two finishing sheets ontop (flexible and standard) and use the bottom finishing sheet to transfer the photo slates aside to cool place. 

4. Remove the heat tape and lift the photo slate from the transfer. Be sure to do this carefully, without shifting the photo slate around to help prevent ghosting.
5. Place the photo slate on the plastic feet with the “dip” of the feet facing the back.

With just a few easy steps, you can create stunning, vibrant photos and prints on the rock photo slates.  

To learn more about sublimation printing, call (877) 793-3278 and live chat with one of our pros!