Second Nature
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Second Nature
    Second Nature
    Part #: AI-SecondNature

    Second Nature

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    Second Nature is an extensive animal and nature collection featuring editable templates. These customizable templates are available in CorelDraw and EPS formats. With the CorelDraw templates, you can use quickly change the text in the design and keep the same font, curves, colors, and outlines (the fonts are included FREE with this volume). Our template volumes have been incredibly popular and are a must have for anyone that wants to increase their production and quality of designs. The images in this collection include a wide variety of wild and domestic animals with an emphasis on dog, cat and horse breeds. There are also sections on hunting, fishing and rodeo events. In addition to the animal images, there are many other useful and exciting graphics including stick figure families, toddler and baby designs, food and college humor images.

    - Over 850 Vectored EPS Images
    - 26 Editable Templates
    - Hundreds of animals including dog, cat and horse breeds
    - Hunting, Fishing and Rodeo images
    - Stick figure families, food and toddler images
    - Product Blanks

    Contents/Categories of Book:
    - Templates / 26 Editable Templates
    - Animals, Flowers, Food
    - Hunting, Fishing, Rodeo/Western
    - Stick Figure Families, Toddler Designs
    - Product Blanks, Miscellaneous Template Backgrounds

    NOTE: You MUST have a graphics program in order to use this software: eg. CorelDraw9 or higher, Illustrator, Freehand, etc.


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