iColor White Toner Media

Transfers Media for iColor Transfer Printers like the 550, 560 and 650 DigitalHeat FX Systems. The iColor 560 and 650 UNINET printers are some of the latest technilogy in white toner transfer printing. UNINET is a global Original Equipment Manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the printing industry. Their technology has evolved throughout the years, and has created a leading line of white toner transfer printers for t-shirts and so much more.The flexibility of their printing solutions come with unique features like flourecent white toner in every printer and other options like sublimation toner or glitter transfers. If you are searching for your next printer, be sure to contact the DigitalHeat FX experts at ColDesi to help you decide the best printer for your business needs. Call our pros at (855)348-4839.
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