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FlipFold Shirt Folder | flipFOLD
Brand: Best Blanks    Part #: flipFOLD
FlipFold Shirt Folder
    Brand: Best Blanks     Part #: flipFOLD

    FlipFold Shirt Folder

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    The FlipFold makes it easy to perfectly fold shirts to show off your graphics!

    The steps are in the name…just flip, flip, flip and fold. It’s that simple! Folding laundry will take less time, and you’ll get perfectly folded laundry…every time! Use FlipFOLD on almost anything. It works on any shirt including long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, button downs and collared shirts. Use FlipFOLD for folding your pants, shorts, skirts…even towels and sheets! Plus, it's easy to use! 

    We love time saving tools and this is definitely one of them!


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