HotMelt Blue SMCCH-100

Use with our new textile foils for a beautiful metallic finish

This material is rolled
with the carrier side facing
inward. Before cutting,
use masking tape to help
grab the blue protective
liner and peel it back.

Load roll so the material is rolled out from underneath. Use a 45° blade with very low pressure.
Do a cut test until the outer
shape weeds out easily around the inner shape.

Be sure to reverse the
design before plotter

Cut out around your plotted
designs and weed the excess
from the carrier. The sticky
carrier makes it easy to re-stick small details that might pop up during weeding.

Cut a piece of foil
that is slightly larger than
the HotMelt design and
set aside.

Heat press the HotMelt
onto the fabric at 300°F
for 5 seconds.

Peel HotMelt carrier
warm, almost hot.

Carefully place foil over the
HotMelt design and make
sure it is completely covering
it. Heat set at 300°F for
10 seconds.

Love What You Press!

This material can adhere to cotton, uncoated polyester, cotton/polyester, and polyester/acrylic. No nylon.

Rub with a cloth, allow
to cool completely
before removing foil