Step By Step

Step 1
Feed material into laser
printer so that the printer is printing on the printable side (white matte coated side).

Step 2

Design your image and
and resize if necessary.

Step 3

Prepress fabric for
5-10 seconds.

Step 4
Place on shirt with
image face down.

Step 5
Heat apply the transfer
onto the fabric. Press at
375F at 15-20 seconds.
Use High pressure.

Step 6
Release press. Gently
tug at side of shirt and
peel backing paper off
while after 5-7 seconds.

After peeling off the
backing paper, gently
tug sideways along each
side of the image. This
will soften the feel of the
transfer on the shirt.


Paper Mode: Heavy to Label*
Image: Mirror
Press Time: 15-20 sec.
Temperature: 375-385F (190C)
Pressure: High
Peel: Warm, wait 5-7 secs, slow peel
Wash Temp.: Up to 140F (60C )

*These settings are recommended, you may need to conduct your own tests
All technical information and recommendations are based on tests we have conducted.
Users should conduct their own tests before proceeding.


Recommended Fabrics                                                      
White or Light Colored
100% cotton
100% polyester
Poly/cotton blends
Polyester knits
Polyester mesh
Poly/foam & cotton caps

Accessories Required
Computer, Color Laser Printer, Heat Press.

Printable side
The printable side (white matte coated
side) without the red lettering.

Care Instructions
Wait 24 hours before washing.
Machine wash using mild detergent.
Do not use bleach or other aggressive
cleaning agents. Cannot be dry cleaned. Wash Temperature cannot exceed 105F.

Pressure Settings
To ensure that the coating has
properly fused with the fabric, We
recommend to use maximum pressure
to ensure coating has properly fused
with fabric for best wash results.

This paper needs to be peeled 5-7
seconds after pressing. Gently tug
along either side of the image, this will
soften the feel of the transfer on the
shirt. Peeling too early will not allow
all the image to transfer to shirt.

Laser Light Transfer Paper has an
indefinite shelf life when stored at
room temperature. Keep away from
direct heat, sunlight and humidity.

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