Customizing Unisub Ornaments

Put $14 in your pocket for something you can make in minutes? Yes – and here’s how you do it!  

Whether you’re just starting as sublimation business or looking for new products to sell (or give as gifts yourself), there’s a great opportunity in custom ornaments.  

Unisub Blank Ornaments 

Now on Colman and Company, we offer a large selection of high-quality sublimation blanks from the popular brand, Unisub 

One of those products are Unisub framed ornaments, which come in two different shapes, one rounded and the other benelux. (don’t worry, you’ll recognize that shape from the photos) 

These beautiful ornaments come with an aluminum frame, white ribbon, and a single-sided gloss white insert. They’re designed specifically for a sublimation print.  

And if you’re interested in entering the souvenir market, these are the perfect items to get you started. They’re profitable, easy to sublimate, and don’t take up much room to display in your retail shop.  

Another plus is that they can be sublimated all at once with any standard-sized heat press, allowing you to maximize production for any bulk orders.  

Now, let’s talk about the different kinds of custom ornaments you can make.  

What you can make with Unisub Framed Ornaments

When you think of ornaments, Christmas time is probably the first holiday or occasion that comes to mind.  

But expanding from just that one holiday can really maximize your potential with year-long promotions and sales.  

Below we’ve compiled a list of different occasions and holidays you can use these for.  

What other opportunities for gift giving or promotional products in general do your customers have? Maybe a baseball team you can sell player card ornaments to? Or a family reunion? 

Use your imagination! 

How to make custom Unisub ornaments

Now we’ll show you exactly how to make custom Christmas ornaments with Unisub blanks and list the materials you’ll need:  

  1. Unisub Ornament Frames
  2. Unisub Ornament Insert
  3. Printed Transfers on sublimation paper (We recommend Beaver TexPrint)
  4. Sublimation printer (We recommend the Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000)
  5. Heat Press (We recommend the Hotronix Fusion IQ)
  6. Heat Tape
  7. Finishing sheets
  8. Cloth & All-Purpose Cleaner

If you already own a heat press and sublimation printer, then you’re TWO steps closer to expanding your business and offering custom accessories!

In just a few short steps, you can produce batches of ornaments in under a few minutes.

Here are the Steps:

Print your image on your sublimation printer.

Clean the sublimated coated side with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner to remove excess dust.


With the coated side down, line up your ornament inserts to the images and secure them into place with heat tape. Make sure to leave room for a bleed around the corners.

Sandwich your transfers between two finishing sheets with the coated side facing up. This will protect your heat press from any excess residue from the ink.

Press at 385 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds (time will vary on your heat press).

Remove the heat tape.

And a few tips to help you perfect the process right away: 

 The round framed ornaments have a flat feature at the top that will aid in the alignment process. Line up the insert and transfer so that the flat area is at the top of the design. 

We recommend letting the ornament inserts cool for a few minutes before removing the heat tape to avoid burning yourself 


Step 1: Remove the tape liner from the back of the ornament frames. 

Step 2: Ensuring the top of the ornament inserts are lined up with the top of the frames, place the insert into place and firmly press.  

Step 3: Add the white ribbon and you’re done!  


Like previously mentioned, customizing these premium Unisub ornaments are easy and can bring your business a huge profit.  

Next, let’s get into the specifics about pricing and why you’ll want to stock up on these products.  

How much can I make selling custom Unisub ornaments?

Do you want to know how to make $84.36 in just minutes? Keep on reading to find out.  

First things first, in order to find out what our return would be on these inexpensive items we need to know how much our blank ornaments cost. 

On, you can find the benelux ornaments used in this video for $10.69 each.  

We’ve calculated how much our supplies cost, which comes out to $0.25.   

Below, we’ll show you a breakdown of how to turn simple ornaments into a profit:  

Supplies ($0.25) x 6 ornaments = $1.50, so this is the TOTAL cost for supplies.  

Now, we have to consider that we made 6 ornaments each priced at $10.69.  

$10.69 (Price for ornaments) x 6 ornaments = $64.14 

Next, we’re adding the total cost of supplies to the cost of our blank ornaments.  

Supplies ($1.50) + Blanks (64.14) = $65.64 

$65.64 is the total cost to produce 6 ornaments.  

After a quick online search on Etsy and other custom gift shops, we found that the average retail value for ornaments like these is $25.00.  

So, now let’s break down how much you can make with these ornaments considering the average retail price of $25. 

Retail value ($25) x 6 ornaments = $150  

$150 (6 ornaments) – $65.64 = $84.36 

The great thing about this project is that you can put $84.36 in your pocket in just a few minutes right in time for the holidays all from your sublimation printer.  

As easy as sublimation products like these are to make with just a few supplies, the return on investment proves to be worth the little amount of work that needs to be done.  

If you’re looking to get started in time for the holiday season, we have the equipment, supplies, and support to help.  

To learn more about customizing with sublimation visit and live chat with one of our pros.