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Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Learn what is automatic roll to sheet cutting machine and what to consider when buying it.

What does a roll to sheet cutter do?

A roll to sheet cutter is an efficient tool to accurately cut a roll of material into sheets. With an automatic roll to sheet cutting machine, the blades safely transform the rolls into sheets or labels of the desired length and size.

With an automatic roll to sheet cutting machine, the roll is fed directly to the cutter, offering a fully programmable and automated cutting system. Depending on the automatic roll to sheet cutter machine chosen for the job, it is possible to adjust the settings for each project.

The GEMfix XC Cutters are available in a range of size options to suit any specific roll cutting and slitting needs. GEMfix cutters can produce 450 cuts her hour at 30cm length and are available in various widths:

  • 60xc – 57 cm roll width (most popular)
  • 110xc – 107cm roll width
  • 120xc – 117cm roll width
  • 130xc – 127cm roll width
  • 160xc – 152cm roll width

What are important things to consider when buying

an automatic roll to sheet cutting machine?

Not all roll cutting machines are created equal! When buying a roll cutting machine, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the business or project.

What are the size, thickness, and speed of the roll cutting machine as well as the required size of sheets produced? See below for some essential questions to ask when purchasing a roll cutting machine.

1. Machine Size – What size of roll will the machine take? When buying a roll cutting machine or slitter machine, consider the size of the roll used. For example, the GEMfix 60XC cuts rolls with a width of up to 570mm while the 110XC cuts to a width of 1,070mm.

Tip: You can determine the maximum cutting width of a roll cutting machine by subtracting 30mm from the model of the machine in cm.

2. Thickness of Material – What is the material thickness the machine will cut? This will vary between machines and size, so be sure to consider the thickness of the material the machine will need to cut.

In terms of roll thickness, standard cutting machines will hold a maximum diameter of 400mm. GEMfix offers a second option that raises the roll diameter to 100mm – meaning your machine will easily support rolls of materials with a larger diameter, such as foam and bubble wrap.

3. Sheet Size – What size sheets will it cut? Depending on the size of the roll cutting machine, it will cut rolls into different size sheets.

4. Speed – What is the speed of the machine? Speed is measured by the number of cuts. Smaller cuts take more time. For example, the GEMfix XC can make a cut of 100mm in 10 seconds.

5. Split Options – Can the machine split and cut? A splitter (or slitter) will cleanly slice through a standard-sized roll to create custom sizes. If both roll cutting and slitting are necessary, ensure the machine has the option for roll cutting and splitting.

With a wide variety of options, GEMfix will help you find the correct machine for projects of any size.

What are some of the benefits and uses of a roll

cutting machine?

1. Cutting down on Time and Labor – A higher-quality roll cutting machine will reduce your cutting time. With more efficient use of time, it is possible to expand production without increasing the labor force.

With the GEMfix cutters, sold by ColDesi, Inc. on their ecommerce site in the U.S., changing the blade is also fast and simple. Depending on the level of expertise, changing the blade will take between 5 and 10 minutes, significantly cutting down on the machine’s downtime.

2. Variety of Materials and Jobs – The possibilities of what you can achieve with a roll cutting machine are endless. Automatic roll to sheet cutting machines are fully programmable and adapt to the needs of any job.

For example, GEMfix Cutters can cut down rolls of heat transfer vinyl for shirts. Cutters can also make transfer sheets from larger rolls for bling machines.

A commercial, high-quality cutter/slitter like this precisely cuts:

  • Transfers
  • Teflon
  • Papers
  • Plastics or opaque and glitter vinyl
  • Bubble foam / wrap
  • Fabric
  • Interfacing and backings
  • and other materials.

3. Precision and Accuracy – The GEMfix XC cutter machines offer incredible accuracy. With a margin of error of approximately 1mm, users can cut with confidence.

No huge warehouse? No problem. Thanks to its portable and efficient structure, the GEMfix xc cutters function well in working areas with minimal space for equipment.

4. Safety – GEMfix XC machines are safe and easy to use. With fully automatic roll cutting machines, the operator has no contact with the blade, reducing the risk of accidents.

How much does an automatic machine cost?

Pricing for the GEMfix rolled material cutters ranges from approximately $5,700 to $10,400, depending on the size.

Although purchasing an automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is an investment, GEMfix offers a standard warranty on all machines. Electric and electronic parts are covered for 1 year and mechanical parts are under warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase.

For pricing in Europe or Asia visit

What’s the best automatic paper roll to sheet cutting


The GEMfix xc line of roll cutting machines is the best option for efficiently transforming rolls into sheets of any desired length and size.

The best automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine from the line of GEMfix machines will depend on the project and material’s specific needs and requirements.

The GEMfix xc cutters can handle 400mm diameter and 30 kg of weight or up to 1000mm diameter and 50kg of weight by special request. No matter the project or roll type, the GEMfix line has the right machine for the job.

For any questions regarding GEMfix’s extensive options of automatic roll to sheet cutting machines or to place an order visit this page.


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