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New USPS Shipping Options! Faster and saves you money...

Your Success

Helping you succeed with your business and achieve your dreams is always on the forefront of our daily operations. Improving product variety, adapting to changing markets and updating website technology are just a few things we work on every day for you. 

Everything You Need

We do our best to use the best online technology to make sure we deliver everything you need, when you need it. However, we are not a shipping company. Our customers called for more options, so we delivered.

Lowering Costs

Achieving Dreams is our goal and in an effort to lower costs and improve shipping times we have added U.S.P.S Priority Shipping to our list of shipping options

Accuracy & Ease

Choosing USPS flows through our website and warehouse seamlessly, so we can still maintain our extremely high accuracy  in shipments and deliveries (which is over 99% accurate and on time.) 

So what does U.S.P.S. Shipping on supplies mean to you?

  • Faster shipping times to many areas of the country, especially the west coast and northern mid-west 
  • Reduced shipping costs for smaller / lighter packages
  • More options for shipping depending on your delivery preferences

Is U.S.P.S better than UPS?

Both of these organizations have helped us deliver tons of packages. They both have areas of strength. Choose the the option that is best for you when you check out. 


When should I stick with UPS?

If you seek expedited shipping or qualify for free shipping, then UPS is the way to go. We highly value their speed, accuracy and quality of service. Getting your supplies when you need them is a priority for us. 

If there are any other ways we can improve our shipping process, please let our team know. Your satisfaction, feedback and loyalty are very important to us.



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