How to access GIMP and Training with Print Optimizer - Learning Center How to access GIMP and Training with Print Optimizer - Learning Center

How to access GIMP and Training with Print Optimizer

If you are a new owner of the Digital Heat FX Print Optimizer then you may be starting off with the two most common questions. 

1. How do I access my Print Optimizer Training that came with my purchase? 

2. How do I access GIMP graphics software that is on my Print Optimizer USB?

The great news is these are two very simple things to access.

Access your Digital HeatFX and Print Optimizer Training

If you purchased an equipment package that included training, you will have received a voucher code for your training. Just visit and choose the course that applies to you. This would either be the Digital HeatFX & Print Optimizer training, or just the Print Optimizer training if you purchased the software separately.

Once you visit the training website and choose your course, you will be prompted to enter your voucher code and register your training. Enjoy!

Access GIMP within your Print Optimizer USB Dongle

GIMP is a fantastic graphics software and has tons of capabilities to help you produce great art for your custom apparel business. If you haven’t purchased graphics software yet, you might want to give GIMP a try before you spend a ton of money on expensive software or subscriptions.

The great news is that GIMP comes free on your Print Optimizer USB dongle. To access GIMP off of your dongle watch the below video:  

How to get training on GIMP

Training for GIMP is available and for sale on This course contains 20+ lectures on using GIMP for the custom t-shirt business, the only course specifically designed for GIMP and the apparel business. 

If you have purchased GIMP Training with your Digital HeatFX package, you may have a voucher for that as well. If you want to purchase the training, or you have a voucher, the below video will provide you a walk through: 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your custom apparel business! As a final note, here are a few more resources to help with your success:

CAS Podcast

Listen and learn all about the custom apparel business on the CAS Podcast. This podcast covers tons of resources for your startup business including: sales, marketing, social media and more! 

Listen now

Support & Help

Too many people rely on trial and error to learn their equipment. Stop wasting time and money. Visit to get access to paid or free training.

Paper Savers Club

Save time and money when ordering paper by entering the paper savers club. Auto-shipment of paper and HUGE money savings. If you aren’t a member already, you are spending more money than you have to on transfers.

Learn More


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