Spring Is Hotfix Rhinestone Design Time!

Spring Is Hotfix Rhinestone Design Time!

Warmer weather means people are looking for apparel that fits in with the season. Nothing says springtime more than the glitter and glitz of hotfix rhinestones!

With hotfix rhinestones, you will be able to add a little “spring” (and cash) to your bottom line!

Spring is the best time for hotfix rhinestone designs! Warmer temperatures are an excellent opportunity to increase the income of your embroidery or direct to garment printer shop by offering hotfix rhinestone transfers.

Expanding your business reach, especially with the warmer weather of spring.  Organizations that can benefit from hotfix rhinestone transfers range from cheerleading squads and school spirit wear to small boutiques and shops.

Hotfix Rhinestones Dark Amethyst

Hotfix rhinestones keep you in control of your business

Creating rhinestone transfers are a great business model since you can stay in complete control of your product line, pricing and profits! Working with hotfix rhinestones is easy, especially with the Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestone Decoration System.  Use it to give your customer high-profit promotional items within minutes! You decide which shimmering gear you can promote and sell, and have the ability to change your marketing strategy quickly to meet last-minute customer requests.

For example, if you are located in a small town, your local customer base is more than likely extremely proud of the area high school. This is your chance to make money, as well as creating a steady stream of repeat customers! Start with a classic style (like the school mascot) and customize it with a monogram or student name.

Be the first in your market to sell hotfix rhinestone transfer designs

Your store can be the first in your area to provide hotfix rhinestone spirit wear! One marketing strategy is to focus on a few key tastemakers, such as popular students, parents and teachers. Through these early adopters, the word will soon go out that you are creating stunning mascot clothing and other spirit wear.

Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestone Kit

Once one or two people are seen wearing your hotfix rhinestone designs, everyone will need their own version of a hotfix rhinestone shirt, hoodie or cap. Marketing to these customers will allow you to show off all the other products that you offer. Always have spirit wear in full view, but also have samples of bags, caps, scarves and even stadium seats. Word-of-mouth will move quickly.

Hotfix rhinestone transfers can be applied to many different wearables, including T-shirts, caps, hoodies, polos and golf shirts. This gives you a lot of flexibility to control what you are offering.

For one item or hundreds of products, hotfix rhinestones are hot!

With a Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestone Decorating System, or a high-performance CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine, you can fill orders from one-off tote bags to hundreds to T-shirts. If you want to add a little “bling” to existing direct to garment printer or embroidered designs, don’t worry! Hotfix rhinestone transfers work perfectly with other garment decoration techniques, and bonds well to water-based direct to garment printer inks.

Hotfix rhinestone decorators can also be a source for other local screen printers or embroidery companies, to apply rhinestone designs to their existing clothing line, at an amount that can offer you substantial profits. The average Hotfix rhinestone design costs only a few dollars in materials and can be sold for much more! Perhaps you can also find a deal to offer samples on consignment!

Spring is time to check the competition

Springtime is also a terrific time to reassess your competition.  New ideas for a new spring line can come from looking at what the larger companies producing, and what they offer to schools, college students and spring breakers. Use your Sierra Hotfix Era software—the heart of the Brush-N-Bake system—and create competitive designs within minutes!

Cheer Hotfix Rhinestone

With warmer temperatures come outdoor events like craft fairs, open-air markets and other community events. You can sell hotfix rhinestone transfers alone, as an iron-on do-it-yourself project, or charge per item to apply your design on a variety of garments. However, be aware when applying transfers to customer-supplied clothing. You want the purchaser to sign a liability release, in case of damaged garments.

Brilliant Hotfix Rhinestones, only the best!

You can create designs using basic hotfix rhinestones or high quality Brilliant Hotfix Rhinestones, both are available from Colman and Company. Brilliant rhinestones have the same effect of Swarovski crystals, without the steep price tags. They are made using the best adhesives available, with the strength and sturdiness to go with their brilliant shine. Working with Colman and Company, you will find the best hotfix rhinestones and supplies for all your spring style projects.

Why not give hotfix rhinestone transfers a try for spring? They are the perfect addition to your embroidery, direct to garment or screen printing company. This season, Hotfix rhinestones will certainly add more spring to your bottom line!

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