Brilliant Rhinestones

"Brilliant" is the only word we could think of to describe how our line of machine cut hotfix rhinestones shine! If you've been using Swarovski crystals or some other high end brand of crystal or pressed glass rhinestones you'll be impressed with both our quality and our price.

Notice: ALL colored Brilliant stones are being discontinued. We still plan on selling the Crystal and Crystal AB Brilliants!

ALL Brilliant stones come in packages of 10-gross quantities. 10 gross = 1440 stones

29 items
M/C AquaMarine SS6 10gr
M/C AquaMarine SS10 10gr
M/C BlackDiamond SS6 10gr
M/C BlackDiamond SS10 10gr
M/C Crystal SS6 10gr
M/C Crystal SS10 10gr
M/C Crystal SS16 10gr
M/C Crystal SS20 10gr
M/C Crystal AB SS6 10gr
M/C Crystal AB SS10 10gr
M/C Crystal AB SS16 10gr
M/C Crystal AB SS20 10gr
M/C Emerald SS16 10gr
M/C Hematite SS6 10gr
M/C Hematite SS10 10gr
M/C Hematite SS20 10gr
M/C Hyacinth SS16 10gr
M/C LtRose SS6 10gr
M/C LtRose SS10 10gr
M/C Lt Sapphire SS10 10gr
M/C Lt Sapphire SS16 10gr
M/C ColoradoTopaz SS10 10gr
M/C Peridot SS6 10gr
M/C Peridot SS16 10gr
M/C Peridot SS20 10gr
M/C Rose SS6 10gr
M/C Sapphire SS20 10gr
M/C Tanzanite SS10 10gr
M/C Citrine SS10 10gr
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