4 Steps to Add Rhinestones to Madeira Polyester Thread Logos!

Give logos some sparkle, by using both Madeira Polyester thread and Brilliant Rhinestones.

Four basic steps to make embroidered company logos stylish and refined with rhinestones.

Logos are an essential part of your commercial embroidery. With the right features, such as the vibrant colors and durability of Madeira Polyester thread, your embroidered logos can actually stand out. Your hard work becomes something that employees of your client will wear proudly.

Wearing a golf shirt, polo or hat embellished with a logo is not only used to develop a sense of company pride; it is also an excellent business decision.

Employees wearing a company logo outside the office, at meetings and for leisure activities cause more potential customers to view their brand.

It never hurts for a company to have extra advertising!

Even if you are experienced in the ins-and-outs of designing embroidery, you might be looking for a lightning bolt of inspiration. For new ideas to expand their product line, it is clear that many embroidery shops should go to their customers!

Madeira Polyneon thread

Today, clients—especially female—are starting to ask for business wear with a bit of sparkle, things beyond the ordinary left-chest company logo. They want something that they will be happy to wear repeatedly, both on and off the job.

Rhinestones and Madeira Polyester thread for company logos that glitter!

Rhinestones can be the perfect opportunity to add a distinctive element to a business logo. Placing crystals with embroidery will produce a design just the right amount of bling, perfectly blending with the bright tones of Madeira Embroidery thread.  Embroidery and rhinestones can be a respectable mix that makes a company logo more than just a symbol; it becomes a fashion statement.

The four steps for adding rhinestones to a logo made with Madeira Polyester thread:

1.    Choose rhinestone placement

When adding rhinestones to an embroidered logo, one way to start is by looking for elements on the design that stones can replace some of the Madeira Polyester thread. Choose the part of the form that can accommodate high-quality Brilliant Hotfix Rhinestones and stay modest and appropriate. Remember, companies take their logos seriously, but that does not mean they cannot be a little fun!

Madeira Polyester Thread

If working with a client, first consider a few details. You want to be sure of the garment and the design before making any changes. For example, which employees will be wearing the garments? Male employees may be reluctant to accept work attire with rhinestones. For them, you might tactfully suggest only adding bling to garments worn by female employees or event attendees.

You may want to settle on a percentage of the polo or golf shirts with logos made with only Madeira Polyester thread and without adding crystals.

2.    Digitize the design with rhinestones in mind

Use your Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty software to digitize the logo. Remove the part where the Hotfix rhinestones will replace the Madeira polyester thread. With both automatic and traditional digitizing, the Stitch ERA Liberty software has the right interactive functions so you can easily change the image, at the same time speeding up the process.

Stitch Era Liberty Embroidery Software

When deciding on a rhinestone color for an embroidered business logo, make sure to choose one that does not take away from the Madeira Polyester thread. Rhinestones are only an accent and should not take away from the design. The safest bet would be to choose clear Brilliant Rhinestones. The secret to blending embroidery and rhinestones in a business logo design is to make it both attractive and professional.

3.    Create a rhinestone transfer

Print the completed design digitization. Place the print face down on a light box or light color worktable. Put a piece of hotfix transfer tape over the print with the sticky side up, and carefully place the hotfix rhinestones adhesive side up.

CAMs Rhinestone Machine

If you are working with a sheer fabric, or are adding to a design already embroidered on a garment, you can use the Glitz Up application tool to set hotfix rhinestones directly on the logo. If you are mass-producing embroidered logos, a CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine will be the way to go!

4.    Embroider, and then add rhinestones

Always sew first! The benefits of Madeira Polyester thread are its vibrant color, strength and durability. Use it, and you can eliminate any problems during heat pressing hotfix rhinestones. If you put the rhinestones first, the embroidery needle could damage if it strikes a stone.

Care of rhinestone/embroidery logos

Both Brilliant Rhinestones and Madeira Polyester thread are famous for washability, but it is always a good idea with mixed media designs to recommend hand washing and hang dry as normal care. Many customers, when seeing the incredible results, will choose to have their work garments dry-cleaned.

You will find it is easy to add a touch of sparkle to a client’s company logo. In addition, the design will become an ideal selling tool for your shop!  Hang an example of it in your shop for all your customers to learn how beautifully rhinestones and Madeira Polyester thread blends!

To get the latest information about embroidery, rhinestones, direct to garment printing or any combination of the three, ColDesi Inc. is the perfect place to start! Visit or call 877-793-3278 today!

Do you have some great tips for adding rhinestones to embroidered logos with Madeira polyester thread? Let us know in the comments below!


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