Hotfix Rhinestones and Prom Dresses: Add Sparkle to a Magical Night

Prom is a special night, and hotfix rhinestones on a prom dress can make the night sparkle!

Use hotfix rhinestones to make a memorable night even more incredible, as well as profitable for you!

Everyone who has ever gone to a prom knows how much better an outfit can look with the addition of hotfix rhinestones. Dresses that get a hint of bling will catch light, making the dress shimmer. If your customer wants to make an impression on prom night, hotfix rhinestones will certainly do the trick.

The Brush-N-Bake Kit from Colman and Company makes decorating prom dresses faster and more accurate. For a finishing touch, you can also use the Glitz Up Applicator Tool.

With the Brush-N-Bake make your hotfix rhinestone design templates beforehand using StickyFlock Template Material. They can then be saved in a file cabinet for the upcoming prom season.

Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestone Kit

Choosing the right hotfix rhinestones

The true inspiration in hotfix rhinestones on prom dresses is choosing the right size, style and color stones that perfectly accent the dress. For some people, large hotfix rhinestones are in, like the 5mm SS20 and 6.5mm SS30.  However, smaller stones, particularly  2mm SS06s and 3mm SS10s, are perfect to add just a bit of sparkle without going overboard. This is the main reason that the SS10 hotfix rhinestones are the most popular size.

Always have plenty of SS10s on hand, for last-minute orders. There is nothing worse than having a frantic mother come to you, begging to get a prom dress ready for that night! Besides, purchasing hotfix rhinestones in bulk will save you money.

Watch for the latest trends in prom attire to see what colors and styles are in for this season. Have a number of Hotfix rhinestones several shades darker than the dress color, as well as the same shade of the dress. This will be for added dimension. A third shade will also include a little splash of color.

Hotfix Rhinestones Dark Amethyst

Adding hotfix rhinestones to a prom dress

Before applying hotfix rhinestones, examine the transfer carefully. It will be the time to make any last minute changes, or repair any loose stones. Yes, it is an extremely rare occurrence, but loose stones can occur!

Rhinestone Formal Wear

Repair the transfer by removing the backing; reposition the lone hotfix rhinestones with your tweezers. Replace the hotfix rhinestones with the shiny-side-down on the sticky side of the transfer tape.  Now the rhinestones will stay where placed.

Arrange the garment the heat press so that the hotfix rhinestone transfer can be applied. If the garment has to be arranged so that front and back are ‘stacked’ (with both front and back in two layers), insert a Nomex Heat Pad between the layers. This is to prevent adhesive from bleeding through the front layer and bonding to back.

Prom dresses are usually made with sheer material and could be affected by the heat press process. Always cover the transfer with either a Teflon Sheet or piece of clean muslin. Teflon is the best, especially if you are applying hotfix rhinestone transfer a stretchy fabric, like velour. Adjust the pressure of the heat press to about 15 pounds. Remember not to overdo the pressure, or you could leave marks on garment.

Open heat press and let the dress to cool for about 5-10 seconds, and then remove the transfer tape. The transfer tape should not remain on the area too long; remove it when it is still warm to touch. The hotfix rhinestones will be set on the garment. If the transfer tape visibly pulls up the pile, you can use a hand iron to push it down gently. Always check the stones by gently picking them. They should be firmly attached.

Cheer Hotfix Rhinestone

Adding hotfix rhinestones to existing decorations

Many prom dresses might already have embellishments like embroidery. A dress with appliques or flowers gives you a good place to start with hotfix rhinestones. Using the Glitz Up application tool, start at the center of the flower. Make sure the crystal has good contact with the embroidery thread.

In hotfix rhinestone designs for prom dresses, it is best to be balanced and consistent. For example, adding stones to flowers on the neckline of a dress, apply them the same way on each flower. Mix them up with a colored rhinestone in the center of each flower, with ABs at the tip of each petal.

After adding hotfix rhinestones to appliques, work on other parts of the dress. Abstract designs are extremely popular, so consider S- or J-shapes and curvy lines. Online photos of national pageant dresses can help you get a few good ideas. Prom gowns for older girls might not need as many stones, so you don’t want to overdo it.

A glitzy dress for a junior prom might use several gross of hotfix rhinestones. Work on it in stages. Hang the dress up periodically, to view your progress from a distance. This will make sure the design is balanced, with too many on one side and not enough on the other.

When finished adding hotfix rhinestones on the dress, let it hang overnight or leave it on a work surface to dry before placing it in a garment bag or storage container. The night before prom examine the garments closely to check for missing stones and reattach as necessary.

Hotfix Rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestones on prom dresses means profits for you

Pageant dresses with hotfix rhinestones are one of the best high-profit services your shop can supply. You can charge a flat rate or the cost of materials and labor separately. Either way, parents love it because they can take an inexpensive off-the-rack dress, and bring it to you for custom decoration.

Look at it as a win-win for both you and your customer; the customer saves money and you get the money to add bling. It is cheaper for them and fantastic for your bottom line.

For more information on using hotfix rhinestones to add sparkle to prom, dance or pageant dresses, visit or call 800-891-1094 today!


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