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Three Easy Tips to Selling Product on YouTube

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online and YouTube is one of our favorites to help drive traffic, and new customers, to your store.

YouTube is a GREAT way to Sell Direct to Garment and Rhinestone Apparel Products Online

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. In fact, there are so many that most people have a hard time believing which methods actually work.

You have a product to sell, like direct to garment custom t- shirts, rhinestone transfers or embroidered items and you need a simple way to get the word out.  YouTube videos can give you one of the best ways to promote your “brand” and become successful.

Before you read any further, there is one thing you should know; there is no one magic way to make thousands of dollars online. Often the path to promoting and selling your direct-to-garment or rhinestone-decorated products online winds up to be harder than it originally appeared.

ColDesi Youtube

Please, don’t let this discourage you! It might require hard work and dedication, but once you learn a few of the basics of using YouTube videos as a marketing and sales tool, you will be able to use your mini movies to make serious money.  And the effort will be worth it!

Use these three easy tips to monetize your YouTube videos:

  • Know Your Customer and Promote To Your Niche

Promoting a product online is usually no more difficult than selling something you would recommend to family and close friends. That’s right, who will buy something from you that you wouldn’t want to own?

Colman and Company’s most successful product sold through YouTube links is The Patch Kit:

The two most significant features of any good marketing video are enthusiasm and authenticity. People can sense insincerity from miles away! The best sales pitches often come from a place that is both honest and passionate. That is why you should choose your favorite shirt design or product, not just your best seller. If you can show interest for the one item you like the most, it will translate that energy to your entire product line.
  • Be Unique and Use SEO Keywords

The cornerstone of any successful post, on YouTube, website or blog, is a combination of content and keywords. Your next brilliant idea can come from anywhere. Take your camera and record something funny, like your dog performing tricks. That could be the next viral video!

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will usually the first to discover your articles and videos. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is essential when creating any online content, especially videos.

Titles are the key. Think of them as a sensational headline, one that tells what the video is about and gives the viewer a good reason to see it.

Remember, if the search engine doesn’t like your video, few people will see it. With a little effort and research, the right keywords will drive traffic. There can be multiple keyword variations, so choose carefully.  Pick the best words, so you can be ranked first on the page of search engine results.

Above all, don’t be boring!  Avoid the title “My New Video,” or the like. Who wants to watch that? Instead, you have to grab the attention of the viewer, with a headline like “Amazing Dog Flushes Toilet!” A title like that or a “How To” title like the one below will bring a lot more traffic.

Which video would YOU like to click on?

You may not have a dog that is so talented, but you get the point. Regularly put out good quality content and build a following in your niche by becoming an expert.

  • Join the YouTube Partner Program

Are you new to creating videos to sell your product? The YouTube Partner Program provides video creators with the resources and opportunities to improve their skills. Membership is free, and you get helpful information to build your audience and earn more money.

After uploading a few videos to YouTube, you can sign up for the program. YouTube will display ads along with your video, and you will get a piece of the revenue! It may start off slow, but can add up quickly. You might have the next hot, trending clip and things could take off from there!

What is the “true” secret to selling products on YouTube?  Have “quality content released at regular intervals.”  A no-brainer, right?

If you have a website, make sure you have a way for customers contact you.  Once your videos have a following, other sellers might reach out to you as a sponsor of your videos. They could even offer products for you to endorse on YouTube.

And then you will be making serious money online!


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