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Welcome to the Colman and Company Blog!

We are excited to announce our new blog to We’ve added this section to our site as an additional way to connect with all of you—our loyal customers.

Our goal is straightforward; we work continuously with our sister companies—ColDesi  and Rapid Labels—to develop new ideas, innovations, products and procedures that will assist you in increasing your business.

Besides, a website alone doesn’t always give us the ROOM we need for ideas so big!

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Colman and Company Apparel Decorating Supplies


For those of you new to the Colman family of companies, or perhaps visiting us for the first time, WELCOME!  Please, allow us to make a brief introduction to the Colman and Company family of businesses.

Colman and Company

Colman and Company is the “supply side” of the apparel decorating industry, something where we’re all a part. We began nearly a decade ago by providing embroidery supplies:

  • Embroidery Thread (including Royal and Madeira-brand embroidery supplies)
  • Embroidery Backings (from H&V)
  • Embroidery Toppings (Sulky and more)
  • Needles from Organ
  • Durkee Hoops
  • Bobbins from Coats and Clark
  • The Patch Kit
The Patch Kit is a great example of an original Colman and Company product!

Due to phenomenal sales of the ColDesi CAMS automatic rhinestones setting machine, a few years ago customers began to call for more products from us, especially rhinestone transfer supplies. In response to the overwhelming request of our customers, we have not only expanded our product line to include Hotfix rhinestones, but added a vast range of products to help make your business a success:

In fact, several innovations in the rhinestone transfer supply business have made this our fastest growing supply category!

While embroidery is a great business, and rhinestones remain incredibly popular, one of the staples of our company has always been DTG inks and other direct-to-garment printer supplies. DTG provides a powerful alternative to screen printing, allowing you to print anywhere from 1 to 100+ T-shirts for a customer, without the cost and time involved in creating original screens.

Getting a beautiful DTG print takes 3 things:

  1. The right machine, like the DTG-brand Viper or M2.
  2. The right ink – Genuine DTG Inks are the ONLY ones that are manufacturer-certified.
  3. The right pre-treatments – that prepare T-shirts, bags and other textiles for printing; they truly make the difference!

Remember, Colman and Company is the only authorized supplier of GENUINE DTG Inks.



ColDesi is the “device” side of the apparel decorating business, fully supported by Colman and Company. Introduced a decade ago as SWFEast, ColDesi has been responsible for bringing today’s innovations in direct-to-garment printing and rhinestone transfers.

If you’ve ever been to the trade shows like SGIA or the Imprinted Sportswear Show, you are sure to have noticed the prominent role of ColDesi in the industry.

The ColDesi apparel decorating machine lineup includes:

  • SWF Embroidery Machines – Encompassing a WIDE range of equipment to help you create or add to your embroidery business.
  • CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines – The CAMS system is THE standard in commercial production of rhinestone T-shirts, transfers and decals. There’s nothing more powerful, simpler to use and prolific than the CAMS machine.
  • DTG brand Direct to Garment Printers – T-shirt printing is probably the most popular of apparel decorating technology and DTG has the best direct-to-garment printers on the market.

The success of ColDesi comes due to our reliance on a few key elements:

  1. Knowledge – no one knows more about this technology and business than the sales and service people of ColDesi.
  2. Experience – not only do our sales and service personnel come from the industry, such as commercial embroidery shops, but many have their own apparel businesses, as well. That means when you talk to us, you are speaking with someone who has been there, or is now doing exactly what you do!
  3. Growth – ColDesi constantly searches for new and better ways to approach the apparel decorating industry. This is how the CAMS, SWF and DTG machines came to the U.S. in the first place. For example, we cannot wait for the newest Spangle machine, which creates Hotfix sequin transfers; it is arriving soon!

Rapid Labels

This newest member of the Colman family is the Rapid Labels X1—an exciting addition to any apparel or sign company, or as a great startup in its own right. Basically, the Rapid Labels X1 is a commercial inkjet label printer based on a Memjet print head.

What does Rapid Labels X1 mean for your business?

You can now print the most amazing, high-quality full-color labels for wine bottles, coffee bags, internal products or any promotional packaging you can imagine.


Just think of the opportunity for your business!

At Colman and Company, we do one thing exceedingly well—providing you with all the tools you need to be a success!  We only ask for one thing in return: visit us often online—to see the new things we have come up with to help your business succeed in the future.




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