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Sierra HotFix ERA Training | Sierra-HFE-Training
Brand: FDC Lumina    Part #: Sierra-HFE-Training
Sierra HotFix ERA Training
    Brand: FDC Lumina     Part #: Sierra-HFE-Training

    Sierra HotFix ERA Training

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    This Sierra HotFix ERA Training 'product' is actually a service - not a product.

    The purchase of this service gives you access to our self paced Hotfix Era training course at

    Once you have completed the self paced course, you will also be able to enroll in our live instructor led Hotfix Era training course at

    The main goal of the training is to get you comfortable running your own software and creating designs for your customers. Be sure to make a list of any specific questions you might have. We want you to be successful!

    It may sound silly, but please make sure you purchase the Sierra HotFix ERA software before purchasing this training service. :-)

    Once you make this purchase, a Customer Care Representative will contact you via email or phone to enroll you in the course. Please allow 48-72 hours in order for the first point of contact. Live online training is available only during typical weekdays, Monday-Friday, excluding US holidays.

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    HotFix Era Training Refresher January 2015

    Convert raster jpg images to vectors in Sierra Hotfix Era 15


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