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Digital Heat Press Temperature Probe | RPK-PYRMTR
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: RPK-PYRMTR
Digital Heat Press Temperature Probe
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: RPK-PYRMTR

    Digital Heat Press Temperature Probe

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    The Digital Heat Press Test Probe provides the best surface temperature readings available of your heat presses - new or old.

    This highly accurate temperature sensor and K-Type thermo-coupler will provide exact measurements of the platen surface based on contact, not on infrared readings.

    Aluminum platens can play poorly with the laser style temperature guns, giving false readings. False readings can lead to improperly heated materials to the garment you're about to sell to your customers. If your work washes away or falls off, your customer may find another provider. 

    Example, an infared digital temperature reading was 15-18 cooler than the actual read out on the Digital Knight Pyrometer.  

    The Digital Knight Pyrometer & Surface Probe gives fast, accurate readings immediately so you'll know the status of your heat press.

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