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IMAGE CLIP Laser Light 11X17in (100ct) | ICLL-11-100
Brand: Neenah IMAGE CLIP    Part #: ICLL-11-100
IMAGE CLIP Laser Light 11X17in (100ct)
    Brand: Neenah IMAGE CLIP     Part #: ICLL-11-100

    IMAGE CLIP Laser Light 11X17in (100ct)

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    "IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light" Heat Transfer Paper For Laser Printers. Runs in most newer oil or oil-less printers. These Heat Transfer Papers are designed for the heat transfer of full color images with oil or oil-less laser color copiers or color laser printers to items such as T-shirts, handbags, mouse pads, leather articles, art papers, etc. IMAGE CLIP® works well on cotton, 50-50 blends and polyester. There is no need to trim the paper. IMAGE CLIP® Transfer Paper is self-weeding and leaves no background plastic polymer. Choose fabrics with a tight weave. Must be applied by Heat Press only!

    Instructions for Neenah Image Clip Laser Light

    Mirror Print
    Temp: 375°F
    Time: 30 seconds
    Pressure: Heavy
    Peel: Hot

    Instructions for Printing:
    Print the image mirrored onto the Red Imaging Sheet
    Print on standard paper setting. (if you don't get a good quality image or toner fusing increase to a heavier paper weight.

    Printing Preparations:
    Be sure your print substrate is clean & wrinkle free (lint roll if needed)

    Step 1: Place a foam pad on the heat press. Press the printed imaged sheet to the green backed transfer paper and heat press for 20 seconds at 210°F with a heavy pressure.If you are not using a foam pad on your heat press, bring the pressure down to light. After 20 seconds under the heat press separate the 2 papers with a smooth and even motion. Be sure to do this while its still hot.

    Step 2: Remove the foam pad from your heat press machine and place the substrate/t-shirt onto the heat press. Press the printed image face down on to the apparel / substrate. Press for 30 seconds at 375°F with a heavy pressure. After the 30 seconds peel the paper off while it's still hot. Be sure to do this in a smooth even motion.

    Tip: Right after you have completed the transfer, give the garment a slight stretch while still warm to improve the final feel of the print.

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