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Embroidery Digitizing and Lettering Software

Sierra Stitch Era Liberty and Stitch Era Universal are embroidery software applications with a variety of unique, professional features and tools for the embroidery business professional. Stitch Era Liberty (SEL) is the flagship product in the Design Era family of apparel decorating applications and will act as both a design AND embroidery digitizing software, with a long list of features designed to make it easy for you to start, or expand your business.

The free Stitch Era Universal (SEU) software gives you the chance to try out the embroidery software interface before making a purchase.

The PatchKit Borders application (designed for creating custom patches with any embroidery machine) will work with any embroidery or digitizing software that will import a .dst file.

Tech Talk: Sierra Digitizing Training - Spring 2016

Embroidery Software

FREE SOFTWARE - Stitch ERA Universal

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PatchKit Borders CD - Shapes Vol 1

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PatchKit Borders CD - Police/Fire/EMT Vol 2

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PatchKit Borders CD - States Vol 3

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PatchKit Borders CD - NameTags Vol 4

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PatchKit Borders CD - Vol 1,2,3,4

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USB ThumbDrive 2GB White

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USB ThumbDrive 4GB Black

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Micro Lettering Software

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3-D Foam Lettering Software

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Do you need to transfer your SEU license from one computer to another? It is easy.

What you will need:
- Your current software license number.
- Email address associated with that license number.

  • 1. Download Stitch Era on new computer.
  • 2. Check your email for new serial number.
  • 3. Visit http://www.stitchera.com/SEU/reqlicchange.asp and enter in old and new information.
  • 4. You will get an email confirming transfer is complete.

Sierra is a leader in the embroidery digitizing software industry. They produce a fantastic suite of apparel decorating programs designed to be user friendly, robust and a fair price. We have worked with Sierra for many years in helping them distribute and support their lines of digitizing software. They have continued to improve over the years and expand their products. Sierra offers a free downloadable trial for embroidery software, as well as Rhinestone Hotfix Software, and a full digitizing software that is sold with commercial embroidery systems, Stitch ERA Liberty. Sierra embroidery software has been the flagship software for SWF Embroidery machines, Avance Commercial Embroidery Machines, CAMS Rhinestone Machines, and ProSpangle Transfer machines for creating Spangle T Shirt Transfers.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this embroidery lettering software or any of our digitizing and rhinestone software options.

If you are considering getting into the bling t shirt and decal business, we carry a Rhinestone Template System where you can easily make your own rhinestone designs, transfers and t shirts.

About Stitch ERA Liberty

DETAILS >>> Stitch ERA Liberty offers you the most complete and innovative set of tools. Its features will let you create new designs quick and easy, combining automated functions with those who allow you to have precise control over each design element.
  • - Developed for the most demanding designer: powerful and very productive. Even with that power, the easy way to use makes it suitable for every embroiderer that wants to make designs by themselves, who after doing an entertained apprenticeship, will achieve works so impressing as if were made by experts.

  • - Integrates in the same application, the functionality of embroidery with the functionality of graphic applications. For example, it can work perfectly with pixel (raster) or vector files, vectorizing the pixel file to get vector shapes, creating new vector shapes and processing them individually or by blocks (modifying shapes, nodes, combining, etc.) and then using them in the embroidery object creation. All this, without getting out of this unique application.

  • - Allows you to create new components, when you want to improve your design productivity and at the same time, extend the number of software resources. All is included in Stitch ERA Liberty. You will need no other separate applications to create and/or process embroidery designs: modify and process pre-existing expanded designs (edition, scaling, merging, etc.), lettering system, object design, with the most complete set of tools and stitch types, raster images, vector images, image processing and converting, automatic digitizing, manual digitizing, interactive digitizing, format conversion, component creation, design management, catalog printout, etc.

  • - Designs created with Stitch ERA Liberty are ready to run on most home embroidery and professional machines.

  • - Includes more synchronized views that present the details of the work under way visually and with a more detailed level. Grouping, branching, sequencing and other advanced functions can be executed by simply dragging elements.

  • - New Capture / Digitizing modes Completing the set of tools for the automatic and traditional digitizing, Stitch ERA Liberty includes interactive functions for the capture that allow to speed up the process at the same time that the design can be adjusted to the expected result.

  • - Productivity Improvement Stitch ERA Liberty has numerous functions to re-use the work done. Among them, the stitch pre-definition, embroidery repetitions in combinations, automatic outlines on objects, etc.

  • - Component Creation Stitch ERA Liberty also allows you to create new components for its later re-use and system resource library expansion, between these: manual patterns, creative patterns, programmable stitches, etc.

  • - Maximum Stitch Control The Object Inspector includes more adjustments for the precise definition of each section. Also includes new stitch effects (density variation, edge modulation, and so many more). All the properties of each object can be specified precisely.

Stitch ERA Liberty includes the following stitch types

  • - Paths with Running Stitch, E Stitch, Programmable Stitches, etc.

  • - Columns with ZigZag, E Stitch, Elastic Pattern, Elastic Programmable Stitches, etc.

  • - Areas with Uniform and Creative Patterns, Programmable Stitches, ZigZag, E Stitch, Elastic Pattern, Elastic Programmable Stitches, Appliqué, Textures, Photo Stitches, etc.

Important Notes:

While there are customers using Sierra software on Macs using Windows emulation software like Bootcamp, SIERRA DOES NOT OFFER SUPPORT FOR MACINTOSH USERS.

Stitch ERA Universal is a lighter version of an embroidery software, this is different than Libery which is more robust. SEU Universal is offered in a free downloadable trail and subscription services.