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Sierra Stitch Era Liberty and Stitch Era Universal are embroidery software applications with a variety of unique, professional features and tools for the embroidery business professional. Stitch Era Liberty (SEL) is the flagship product in the Design Era family of apparel decorating applications and will act as both a design AND embroidery digitizing software, with a long list of features designed to make it easy for you to start, or expand your business.

The FREE TRAIL Stitch Era Universal (SEU) software gives you the chance to try out the embroidery software interface before making a purchase. Learn More

The PatchKit Borders application (designed for creating custom patches with any embroidery machine) will work with any embroidery or digitizing software that will import a .dst file.

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PatchKit Borders CD - Shapes Vol 1
PatchKit Borders CD - Police/Fire/EMT Vol 2
PatchKit Borders CD - States Vol 3
PatchKit Borders CD - NameTags Vol 4
PatchKit Borders CD - Vol 1,2,3,4
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