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OKI White Toner Printer | DFX-PRT-mod2
Brand: OKIData    Part #: DFX-PRT-mod2
OKI White Toner Printer
    Brand: OKIData     Part #: DFX-PRT-mod2

    OKI White Toner Printer

    Price as low as
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    Machine only package & does not include supplies, training & Support.
    If you are a new user, shop complete equipment packages that include so much more than just a printer. Questions? Talk to a pro at 855-348-4839

    Our OKI White Toner Printer is the latest in Digital T-Shirt Printing. Oki has created an amazing machine that prints transfers for t-shirt and so much more. It uses White Toner, along with other colors to create a massive color spectrum that can create transfers for any color t-shirt. Tabloid size prints of 11" x 17"  Works on most fabrics and textiles. 


    How does it work? Its a few simple steps: 
    1. Create a graphic image (or download/purchase an image online)
    2. Send the graphic to the printer
    3. Graphic is printed on a special transfer paper
    4. This t-shirt transfer paper is then married to an adhesive sheet w/ a heat press 
    5. Your transfer is ready to adhere to a t-shirt and tons of other goods

    What should you purchase with your printer? 

    Heat Press Machine - You will want a 16" x 20" sized heat press to be able to apply heat to an entire sheet. Our top two recommendations are: 

    Digital Clam 16x20 - Lowest Price

    Can you use another brand/style of heat press you already own?  Yes, just be careful of one very important thing, you need to have even heat and pressure accross the entire platen. Many 'knock off' heat presses save money in production by having a reduction in heating elements and limitted quality control. We recommend the three above due to customers having the greatest success. 

    Transfer Paper- Choose Digital HeatFX EZ Peel paper (A & B sheets). We have tested and tested this paper to make sure it brings the best quality of prints on the widest array of substrates. You will love it too. Also, read about our Paper Savers Club to save money on paper. 

    Finishing Sheets - Use these to add the final finish to your t-shirt. Once the print is on the garment, press one last time with a finishing sheet to get a nice finish that looks great on a shirt. (this is another product we have tested over and over to find the perfect one) 

    * Print Optimizer - Software to gain the best control of your printer. Specifically designing to take your new printer to its maximum efficiency. 

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