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Patch Kit - Pro - Heat Press (HP-CC-15X15; SN# ) | PatchKit-Pro-HP
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: PatchKit-Pro-HP
Patch Kit - Pro - Heat Press (HP-CC-15X15; SN# )
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: PatchKit-Pro-HP

    Patch Kit - Pro - Heat Press (HP-CC-15X15; SN# )

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    The Patch-Kit Pro is perfect for those that want to learn how to make embroidered patches in larger volumes.

    All perfect for a dedicated patch system.

    Here's what the kit includes:

    • Hot Knife
    • Hot Knife Universal Tip
    • Hot Tool Holder
    • 3 Yards Black Patch
    • 3 Yards White Patch
    • 1 Roll PatchTwill Royal
    • 1 Roll PatchTwill Gray
    • 1 Roll PatchTwill Red
    • 1 Roll PatchTwill White
    • 10 Yards Heat Seal
    • 10 Yards Heat Spun
    • Colman & Company 15X15 Heat Press
    • Borders Volume 1
    • Borders Volume 2
    • Borders Volume 3
    • Borders Volume 4
    • Release Paper - Matte

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    Learn How to Make Embroidered Patches with Patch Kit Pro

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