Special Embroidery Supplies: Beyond the Basics

Are you in search of embroidery supplies that aren’t so basic?

Well, guess what? We might have just what you’re looking for!

And we’re NOT talking about your traditional tools, like needles, threads, or stabilizers you might buy at our online store.

Clearly, you’re after something special — something to make your embroidery easier and your product range more exciting for customers.

To help you with that, in this article, we’ve lined up a whole bunch of products for you to choose from.

As we go through the list, we’ll also discuss what each product does and why you’d want them for your business.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the list!

1. Embroidery Grip:

In no particular order, taking the top spot on our list is the Universal Clamping System, also known to some as an embroidery grip.

Regardless of what you choose to call it, this tool serves a specific purpose — and that purpose is to grip and hold the ‘’unhoopable.’’

Imagine dealing with items that are challenging to fit into a standard embroidery hoop — fragile fabrics or oddly shaped objects like shoes, backpacks, luggage, floppy hats, belts, boots, purses, and even Christmas stockings…

With the embroidery grip, working on these items is no longer a struggle but instead just another laid-back embroidery project.

Speaking of ease, putting everything together and installing it on your embroidery machine is a breeze, too. The system mounts just like a regular hoop, sliding directly into your machine’s frame.

Continuing down the list, we come to puff foam.

2. Puff Foam: If, after reading this, you find yourself scratching your head or wondering, ‘’What exactly is this embroidery foam?’’ — then think of your favorite baseball team. Players on these teams usually wear caps that bear their logo, right?

But look closer and you’ll see that these graphics are not your typical flat 2D graphics, instead, they have these 3D effects to them. They have depth and texture, and, surprise, surprise it’s all achieved with the help of 3D embroidery puff foam. This specialized foam adds volume, definition, contours, and an overall three-dimensional-quality to your designs, whether it’s lettering, numbers, logo, or slogans.

However, the application of 3D foam is not just limited to caps alone. Oh no, you can use it wherever you see fit: jackets, hoodies, shirts, masks — the list goes on.

Just like our list of special embroidery supplies! There’s more to cover, so let’s keep on doing that.

3. MagFrame Magnetic Hoops: How about those hard-to-hoop areas like, collars, cuffs, or pockets? Aren’t they a headache to embroider on?

Well, not if you have MagFrame at your fingertips!

This tool holds the garment in place tightly until your embroidery machine’s done punching out the design.

The secret is all in the MagStik ‘’technology’’ — the magnets produce an invisible magnetic force that locks ANY type of garment in place making it tighter and easier to embroider on.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to hear that this attachment kit comes with a unique MagFrame featuring multiple Magnet Windows, eliminating the need for conventional hooping. It’s compatible with any or no backing, and items can be hooped right on the machine, bypassing the table-to-machine transfer.

But, if this product doesn’t get your attention, maybe the next one will.

4. Mighty Hoops: At its simplest, the Mighty Hoop is a device that simplifies hooping. You can easily hoop Carhartt jackets, quilted items, leathers, and just about anything large, bulky, or otherwise a pain to hoop.

What sets it apart? Well, it’s got this auto-adjust ‘’feature’’ that adapts to the thickness of the fabric, minimizing strain and eliminating those annoying hoop burns.

Unlike traditional clamps, it allows for versatile embroidery placements. And the kicker is, it’s also HoopMaster-compatible for precision hooping.

Next up on the list are patch kits. So, let’s look at those.

Patch Kits: In essence, our patch kits make the process of producing patches more accessible and convenient. Each kit comes fully equipped with all the essentials you need, including a hot knife, interchangeable tips, PatchTwill, Heat Seal, and more.

These kits are designed to be easy for both novice and advanced embroiderers — just embroider your design on our specialized Patch Material using polyester thread, apply the heat seal, and trim with the provided Heat Knife. Your patch is all set to be ironed or heat-pressed on!

It’s all pretty simple, much like the next tool that simplifies hooping unstructured caps.

Durkee Cap Frames: We get it. Cap frames are a bit much to handle, especially for caps that are structured, they can’t be laid flat to sew. Traditional hoops don’t quite work and the bill seems to get in the way.

That is, until the Durkee Cap frame made it much simpler. It’s the solution to hooping unstructured caps with ease!

Traditional cap hooping, especially for larger designs, can be a challenge. But with the Durkee frame, you’ll enjoy a generous sewing field of 5″ in width by 4 1/2″ in height on both the front and back of the cap, allowing for unmatched creative freedom.

And while we’re on the topic of hooping, why don’t we take a look at fast frames next.

Fast Frames: For those challenging items that don’t fit well in conventional tubular hoops, the FastFrame-XChange 7n1 hoop window system comes to the rescue.

Specifically designed for such scenarios, its hoop windows work with a peel-n-stick backing, ensuring items stay securely in place during the embroidery process. With its efficient and innovative design, it stands as a trusted and proven solution in the embroidery world.

That said, you can watch the video below, where we unpack everything, show you all the items that come with it, assemble it, and then demonstrate how to install it on our embroidery machine.

Spot Lifter II: AlbaChem’s Spot Lifter II Fast Powder offers a rapid and straightforward solution for spot elimination, ensuring no residual stains or rings are left behind. Simply apply, allow to dry, and then brush away. This Spot Lifter adeptly banishes grease and oil marks from apparel, headwear, and textiles.

It works like magic, pair it up with adhesive sprays (next on our list), and there’s nothing you can’t do or handle.

Adhesive Sprays: When needing to adhere fabrics or backing use an adhesive spray that works for the project’s needs.

There is a light-weight, non-wrinkling, repositionable, quick or long-tack adhesive that provides either a temporary or permanent bond and another adhesive spray used for medium-weight temporary bonds and repositionable applications. Both sprays help keep the backing and fabrics in place for easier hooping.

When we told you that we might have just what you’re looking for, we meant it! And, this list of embroidery supplies doesn’t stop here. There’s more to come. Next in line is Wahl Peanut Stitch Eliminator, so let’s talk about it next.

Add adhesive sprays to you embroidery supplies toolbox.

Wahl Peanut: Have you ever made an unwanted mistake when embroidering, such as misspelling a name or for any other reason that requires you to remove your embroidery? If so, you’ll want the Wahl Peanut Stitch Eliminator by your side. We use this product to remove seams,  threads, and embroidery.

Simply turn it on and run the blades across the bobbin side of the embroidery. It cuts the threads, making it easy to remove the embroidery you want to take out.

After using the Stitch Eliminator, a Seam Ripper becomes useful for removing the cut stitches and any remaining threads, including underlay stitches, with ease.

Fabric Markers: These handy markers are for those times when a little bit of bobbin peeks through the front side or when the light material you are sewing on has a tiny gap and you can see the fabric underneath. Use the permanent fabric marker color that closely matches the thread that should have been there. Easy Fix!

Fabric Markers are one of the specialty embroidery supplies

In Conclusion: Stepping up from traditional tools to advanced products is the key to growing in the competitive embroidery industry.

Armed with these new assets, your business is set to stand out.

As you continue to evolve and adapt, remember it’s not just about the stitch, but the tools that shape it. Wishing you every success in your embroidery endeavors!

P.S. Our online store is where you can find and purchase the embroidery supplies mentioned in this article.  Simply press the red button below to proceed.

For one-on-one help simply call 800-891-1094 or live chat with one of our pros!

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