The Essential Embroidery Supply Checklist for Beginners

Are you getting your money’s worth out of the money you’re paying for embroidery supplies?

If you haven’t given it much thought yet, perhaps it’s time to do so.

To help you out with this, we’ve put together this handy guide. Throughout it, we will go over essential supplies and tools you need to not only kickstart your product decoration business but also keep it alive and profitable.

1. Embroidery Machine: Number one on the list is an embroidery machine. And for a good reason – it’s the heart of your business. It’s going to be running those stitches day in and day out and you’ll need it for most of your projects. So, don’t cheap out on it. Sure, some machines are loaded with all kinds of bells and whistles, but do you really need them? That’s a question only you can answer for yourself. If it helps, take a look at some of our customer-favorite embroidery machines that are available for purchase today.

2. Embroidery Needles: These are not your ordinary sewing needles. Just one look at them and you can tell they’re designed for serious machine embroidery work; sharper and finer points to pierce through fabrics, larger shank and eye to accommodate those thicker embroidery threads. We recommend stocking up on plenty of these, as with time (and use) they wear out.

3. Embroidery Thread: Next on the checklist is embroidery thread. As you can guess from the name, it’s a special type of thread that’s specifically designed for use with embroidery machines. Typically it’s thicker and more robust than the one you would use for hand sewing projects. They come in many different materials, too, like cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, and metallic varieties. Plus, you can buy them in different colors, shades, and thicknesses. But, if you’re just starting out, consider beginning with our thread kit first.

4. Bobbins: Think of a bobbin as a mini spool that holds thread. Without it, your embroidery machine wouldn’t be able to create the stitches needed to make your projects come to life. Pre-wound bobbins are an excellent choice for beginners because they save time and ensure consistent stitch quality.

5. Stabilizers/Backings: Chances are you’ve probably heard about both of these terms – “stabilizer” and “backing”. That’s perhaps because they play a crucial role in the making of embroidered items. What they do is provide support, control, and structure to your embroidery. Without them, your embroidery could end up looking wonky. So, a great way to avoid this is to get yourself a bunch of these from our shop.

6. Embroidery Hoops: The next tool that takes place on this list is an embroidery hoop. Its job is to keep your fabric taut and smooth while the machine is punching out the design. Like most other supplies, hoops come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Just pick the one that matches your project requirements. It’s often a smart move to have an assortment of different-sized hoops on hand. This way, you’ll have the flexibility and options to choose from.

7. Thread Nippers: This is a small handheld tool with all of the features of regular scissors. Except, they are tailored for more precise cutting during the embroidery process. For example, if you want to get close to the fabric and trim off thread tails or jump cuts. All in all, they’re usually much more convenient than your regular scissors.

8. Marking Tools: Marking tools are essential for positioning and aligning your designs on the fabric. There are all these different ones you can use, like water-soluble pens, markers, or chalk. What’s great about them is that they can be easily brushed or washed away. So adding them to your toolkit can be very helpful in a variety of situations.

9. Machine Oils & Lubricants: Like humans, machines need proper care to function at their best. There are different moving parts within the machine that need oiling and lubrication. So make sure to keep an eye out for that. These greases are made to reduce friction, prevent rust, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. 

10. Embroidery Software: Do you love having full control over designs before they’re embroidered? Great! We do too. But to have this level of control, you’ve got to use embroidery software! It will give you the options to create, refine, and perfect designs before they’re stitched out.

11. Seam Ripper: This handy tool helps fix those little (or big) mistakes that can happen along the way. With the Seam Ripper, you can remove the bobbins on the back of your stitching and it’s like it never happened.

12. All-in-One Hooper: There are two challenges you face with embroidery. One is determining where to place the hoop, and the other is making sure every garment has the same placement. The All-in-One Hooper was invented to help you erase these frustrations. This is the only tool in the world that helps you hoop nearly anything you will embroider, from baby clothes to XXL jackets. The All-in-One Hooper is amazing and that is why it is one of the most popular tools in the embroidery industry.

13. Tweezers: Another handy tool is tweezers. These nifty little instruments provide the dexterity needed to grab, snip, or remove misplaced threads. They’re like surgeon’s scalpel but for embroiderers.

14. Nippo Needle Threading Tool: The Nippo Needle Threading Tool is an excellent way to get that pesky little embroidery thread to go through that tricky little needle eye.

In Conclusion

As our final words, we hope this article has provided you with a decent list of embroidery supplies and tools you can add to your product decoration business. With these in place, you will have no problem completing projects that come your way!

So if you’ve not bought one yet, what are you waiting for? We’re your one-stop shop for all your embroidery needs.

For one-on-one help simply call 800-891-1094 or live chat with one of our pros!


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