Printing on Canvas with the Roland BN-20A

When it comes to print and cut systems like the Roland, it can be easy to limit yourself to what media you have in your shop. However, using different media with your Roland Printer can provide different opportunities.

Today, let’s go over one of those opportunities, printing with Canvas on the Roland BN-20A.

Whether you already own a Roland BN-20 or Roland BN-20A or are considering purchasing one, this is an exciting opportunity to expand your business and reach different markets. 

So, be sure to watch the video to see how we did it! 

Before Printing

To showcase printing on Canvas, we used Roland’s SSC2 Solvent Satin Canvas.

Before you can print with Canvas in the Roland BN-20a, you will need to download a printer profile from the Roland Profile Center

After opening the site, click on profiles.

When asked for information on your printer, select the following information:

  • Printer: VersaStudio BN-20a (This option will auto-select the correct ink type and ink setup.)
  • RIP Manufacturer: Roland
  • RIP Version: VersaWorks 6.x
  • Media manufacturer: Roland DGA
  • Media Name: SSC2: Solvent Satin Canvas

These settings will allow you to download the print profile for printing with Canvas.

Now let’s get into the step by step instructions on how to get printing started! 

Printing Instructions

  1. Place the canvas on the roll and insert it overhead into the Roland.
  1. Slowly feed the canvas through the Roland BN-20A printer. When you see the canvas through the front of the printer, push the load bar in.
  1. After the media is loaded, open VersaWorks.
  1. With VersaWorks open, start by loading your job into the queue. Go to File, then “Add Job To Queue”. Choose any queue to print in.
  1. Select the image file you want to print.

Note: Remember to make any major edits before loading the design into VersaWorks.


  1. With your artwork loaded into the queue, right-click the image file and select settings.
  1. In the settings menu, click on layout. In the layout menu, you can make any adjustments to how the design will print. For vertical banner designs, center your design using the “Center on the Media” setting under position.
  1. Under Quality Settings, set your Media Type to Canvas.
  1. Under Cutting Options, set your operation mode to “Print Only”
  1. When you finish your print settings, right-click on your image file and select RIP.
  1. When the RIP process is finished, right-click on your image file and select Print.
  2. When your design finishes printing, make sure to cut your media at the desired length. 


Printing with Canvas is an exciting opportunity for your next Roland BN-20a project.

With minimal effort, you can print some stunning designs that can very easily be sold as home decorations or unique gifts.

Plus, with this machine you can set your artwork to print and walk away from the job until it’s finished! 

This gives you the opportunity to get other tasks done around your home or shop. 

If you want to learn more about the Roland BN-20a, consider giving us a call at 800-891-1094 or live chatting with our pros!




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