How to Sublimate Unisub Hardboard Signs

Hardboard signs are a great way to make a statement both inside and outside your house. With Fall in full swing, it’s also a great way to spice up your family gatherings and events with the holiday spirit.

Below we’ve provided step-by-step instructions on how to use your sublimation printer to make eye-popping Hardboard Signs from the Unisub Product Line.

Heat Press Settings:


1. Print your graphic or image on sublimation paper using a sublimation printer like the Sawgrass SG1000.

Tip: You will want your image to be slightly larger to make sure that the image will bleed onto the edges.

2. Make sure to peel your protective film off your Hardboard sign.

3. Clean the surface of the Hardboard sign with your surface cleaner.

4. On your heat press, place one finishing sheet on the bottom platen of the heat press. Then, place your Unisub Hardboard sign on top of the first sheet. Finally, place a second finishing sheet on top of your Hardboard sign.


5. Pre-Press your Hardboard sign under the heat press for 20 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


6. When the pre-press is finished, remove the top finishing sheet and move your Hardboard Sign off your heat press. Let the Hardboard sign cool.

7. After the hardboard sign has cooled, place the sign face down on top of your printed design with your design facing up.


8. When your design is fully covered, apply your heat tape to your hardboard sign to secure the transfer into place.

9. On your heat press, place another finishing sheet on the bottom platen. Then, place the Hardboard sign and taped design on the heat press with the design facing down. Finally, place another finishing sheet on top of your hardboard sign.


10. Press your hardboard sign for 1 minute at 30 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. When the timer is finished, pull the sign from under the heat press and let it cool.


12. Remove the paper design from the hardboard sign carefully to prevent the design from smearing.