How to Sublimate Unisub Name Badges with a Jig  

Unisub sublimation blanks are high quality and produce beautiful, vibrant products.  

This line of sublimation ready blanks includes products like key chains, coasters, plaques, and even name badges!  

With blanks like name badges, there are jigs to help speed up production and save you time.  

Why go through the hassle of taping down transfers to tons of name badges one by one, when there is a simpler way to customize these in batches?  

Below we’ve provided instructions for how to sublimate Unisub name badges using a jig and template.  


1. Print your graphic or image on sublimation paper using a sublimation printer like the Sawgrass SG1000.

2. Use scissors to trim the gray edges of the Unisub Name Badge template.

Note: You can find free templates for Unisub blanks on their resource portal ( 

3. Assemble the jig in the following order: 

  1. Wood Panel 
  2. Rubber Mat (white side face up) 
  3. Metal Jig  

Note: Make sure all 3 are lined up evenly 

4. Use heat tape to secure the metal jig down to the rest of the assembly.

5. Clean the name badges with a surface cleaner to remove any excess dirt or oil then place them in the jig, glossy side up.

6. Place the transfer sheet on top of the assembled jig, lining it up evenly where the printed names are in the desired location of the badges, and secure it down with heat tape.

Dress your press in the following order:

  1. Finishing sheet
  2. Jig with taped transfer (transfer side face up)
  3. Finishing sheet 

8. Press!

9. Remove the jig carefully to the side to cool down.

Tip: Be sure to remove the jig carefully without shifting the transfer to avoid ghosting.

10. Remove the transfer and jig from the name badges to reveal the finished products!