Vapor Apparel

We are happy to announce the addition of Vapor apparel to our collection of wholesale blanks on our supply division website, Colman and Company. 

Vapor apparel is an industry leader of high-performance sun protective apparel and sublimation certified substrates.  

Experts in UPF50+ Sun Protection, Vapor Apparel is specifically engineered to protect from harmful UV rays and withstand the high temperatures used while sublimation printing.  

All of Vapor Apparel’s line of solar shirts were given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Approval.  

In order to receive this approval, the brand had to provide scientific data that proves the products help prevent sun-induced damage to the skin.  

This brand focuses on providing sun protection from harmful UV rays while offering high quality garments and accessories ideal for sublimation, embroidery, heat transfers and much more.  

Chris Bernat, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder of Vapor Apparelsays one of their main benefits is being able to offer garments that focus on both sun protection and decoration, “We’re focused on performance in the field and on the press. 

One of their most popular pieces of sun-protective and sublimation certified garments is the UPF shirt 

What is a UPF shirt?

SPF refers to the amount of protection a topical sunscreen can provide from UV rays, while UPF is how much protection a piece of clothing can offer from both UVA and UVB rays. 

UPF 50+, Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is the maximum rating for sun protection considered when creating apparel. Similar to SPF, the higher the rating, the more protection is provided. 

In fact, UPF shirts can be an alternative to having to apply SPF multiple times when out in the sun.  

If you’re ever out at the beach or on a fishing trip, you may notice people are wearing these polyester fabric shirts for this reason.  

However, these shirts are not all about sun protection. The cool wicking property of this solar shirt allowfor warming when exposed to cold weather, making them useful for multi-seasons.  

Regardless of the temperature it is outside, when wet, the surface of the shirt will remain at aambient temperature of 70 degrees, because of the fabric profile.  

Manufacturers at Vapor Apparel considered the fabric profile in order to provide not only uv protection but comfortability as well.  

“This is the ultimate summer shirt. It’s going to keep you comfortable, and it’s going to keep you cool,” Bernat says. 

In addition, because garments made of spandex don’t sublimate well, Vapor wanted to design a shirt that is of the same stretch material but that can be sublimated successfully.  

Considering what the UPF50+ shirt is, let’s discuss why it’s being used so frequently and popularly. 

Why do people wear UPF shirts?

UPF shirts are great for the coastal market and in areas of high tourism. As mentioned before, these shirts are commonly used for UV protection. 

Overexposure to UV rays can cause sunburns, premature skin aging, and skin cancer.  

In order to try and avoid all these harmful effects, people typically choose to wear UPF apparel because it’s a better investment than sunscreen.  

With sunscreen, it is a known fact that you can’t just apply one layer and expect to be protected for the rest of the day, especially when you’re swimming.  

For sunscreen to be effective, multiple layers and reapplication is needed which can be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, an investment in UPF shirts and clothing poses a better option to most.  

Vapor apparel provides a variety of different UPF clothing and accessories under the Solar Performance Line to help ease these worries 

Keep in mind, these performance garments can be worn in colder temperatures as well as a base or undergarment which brings us to what activities people usually wear this shirt for.  

What are common activities for UPF shirts?

When you hear about a UPF shirt, the first thing you might think about is wearing it to the pool or beach. While this is one of the main reasons people wear these shirts, it’s not exclusive to this activity. 

In fact, UPF shirts from Vapor Apparel are known for their multi-uses.  

Here are some of the most common uses for the UPF shirt. 

When talking about the different activities people wear UPF shirts for, the list can go on. 

Bernat says these shirts have especially gained popularity in sports teams 

We’ve got plenty of customers who use that shirt to outfit soccer teams, youth leagues, you name it. It’s a great practice shirt,” says Bernat. 

Because these shirts were made with comfortability and protection in mind, they have also been commonly used for everyday wear. However, Vapor Apparel isn’t the only company to sell these UPF shirts, there are other companies and brands that we will talk about next 

What are other brands of UPF/ Sun-protective shirts? How do they compare to Vapor Apparel?

Due to the increasing popularity of the UPF shirt, there are now many different brands who have added them to their collection like Lilly Pulitzer and Athleta. 

Brands like Coolibar, UV Skinz and Patagonia are other brands whose focus are on UV protective clothing.  

One of the most known UPF clothing brandsCoolibar offers a variety of sun protective clothing including their version of a UPF shirt.  

The same UPF shirt you will get for around fifty to sixty dollars from Coolibar, will now be available to purchase with us for a better valued price through Vapor Apparel.  

However, this is just one of the reasons Vapor Apparel stands out from the rest. 

Vapor apparel has one of the most reliable UPF50+ ratings in the industry, increasing after each wash. This is due to constant testing and the consistency in their blanks 

Bernat says there’s a list of reasons why Vapor Apparel’s UPF shirts separate them from the rest.  

We are engineered for decorating, we know our garments are going to get hit with ink and heat, so our shirts will not shrink during the production process which is a big deal for printers,” says Bernat. Another thing is we’re one of the lightest UPF50 rated shirts in the marketplace. No lycra and no spandex make it incredibly comfortable regardless of how hot or how cold it is, says Bernat.  

Although most of the clothing Coolibar offers is sublimation friendly, there are no instructions on time and temperature settings like Vapor Apparel provides.  

Details like these are what brings us to our next point, the benefits of buying Vapor Apparel.  

What are the benefits of buying Vapor Apparel?

As we’ve established already, Vapor Apparel is different from the rest of the brands and companies that sell UPF clothing.  

From the quality of the fabric to the customer service, Vapor Apparel has made it their mission to provide products and an experience that will satisfy their customers.  

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of buying Vapor Apparel. 


Any clothing item marked as UPF50+ means that this item will provide maximum protection against harmful UV rays. It also improves each time the garment is washed.  


These fabrics are made to withstand direct heat and pressure, so you won’t have to worry about colors and decoration fading on the clothing unlike most standard shirts. 

Sublimation Certified:

Vapor offers a wide range of sublimation certified colors making the decoration process easier.  


Being both a protective and sublimation friendly, customers can feel like they are receiving a high-quality garment for a reasonable price. Vapor also provides time and temperature settings and tips for their customers, setting them up for sublimation success.  

These benefits along with many other, take part in why Vapor Apparel has become a successful and significant brand 

What is sublimation certified?

One of the core purposes for Vapor Apparel was to enter the customization world. This was made possible through the creation of their sublimation blanks.  

“Vapor realized a long time ago nobody was ever going to really focus on sublimation apparel development and that’s what we did. We’ve been dedicated to sublimation since our inception, 17 years ago,” says Bernat.    

Sublimation is the process of an image or design being vaporized onto a piece of garment.  

With specialty paper and ink, the design is printed and pressed onto the item of your choice, skipping past the liquid stage right into a gas.   

To be sublimation certified means that the color of the fabric will work with a variety of sublimation colors and will produce high quality images or designs.  

Vapor Apparel’s Solar Performance line include some of the different UPF garments that are labeled sublimation certified.  

Most decorators who sublimate have been taught that sublimation is only possible on white or light-colored polyester garments. While this remains partly true, Vapor Apparel sought out to make a sun shirt that would work well with sublimation.  

Since most sun shirts have spandex in them, Bernat knew about the possible complications that could arise when being sublimated.  

This is where the team came up with what they call a “mechanical stretch fabric” for their UPF50+ sun shirt.  

This means that after being stretched, the garment will always snap back and will recover rapidly without having any elastic in it. This is what makes the shirt comfortable and easily sublimable 

Vapor also offers a variety of sublimation-certified colors that are available for customers.  

Some of the colors include: 

Although this is not the entire list, you can see Vapor provides a significant amount of color options for sublimation printing. 

Now let’s talk about why buying wholesale items like these may benefit your business than through retail.  

What are the benefits of buying wholesale instead of retail?

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenue. This is where buying wholesale comes into play.  

There are many advantages to buying wholesale like saving you money and time.  

One advantage of this approach is that you can buy products in bulk for a lower price. After you buy products from a wholesaler, you can sell them for a higher price.  

Of course, keeping margin in mind when creating a markup price is essential in order to make a profit.  

When buying this inventory for your business, it’s important to make sure the wholesaler’s prices aren’t too high and the prices you set are consistent with the market.  

In addition, buying in bigger quantities through wholesale also minimizes the number of times you place an order.   

Another advantage of buying wholesale is that your customers won’t be able to buy their own blanks and bring them to you for decoration.  

This avoids issues such as having to replace a garment that isn’t yours or that the finished product turns out inferior because of the material of the garment.  

Usually, the blame is placed on the company when in reality, the customer supplied a garment that may have not been high-quality.   

Lastly, the worry about having consistent blanks comes into question.  

Compared to retail stores like Walmart, with a wholesaler, you won’t have to worry about whether the blanks are consistent or what they may have in stock.  

The products, in this case, UPF shirts come from one company and guarantees blanks that will be readily available and reliable.  

Knowing a bit more about the addition of Vapor Apparel and what buying wholesale can do for your business may open some doors in a market you may not have thought of.  

Here at ColDesi, we are always looking for ways to expand and provide the best products for our customers. With the addition of Vapor Apparel, we intend to do just that.