Why Allied Gridlock Hoops?

1 Centimeter Scale Grid Lines on the Top Face of the Hoop

Embroiderers can use the built-in horizontal and vertical grid lines on the arms of most Grid-Lock™ hoops as a quick visual guide for confirming straight hooping of an article the very first time and every time prior to embroidering. Faster hooping & fewer mistakes means more profit.

2 Vertical Lines Around the Inside Wall of the Inner Hoop

All Grid-Lock™ embroidery hoops are engineered to have vertical lines covering the inside circumference of the inner hoop in a symmetrical and graduated manner. These lines provide yet another easy, time-saving guide for accurate vertical and/or horizontal alignment of the article as well as a means for hooping in the correct location using a line or a point of reference on the article. These lines can also be used as an Instant Distancing Guide on square and rectangular Grid-Lock™ embroidery hoops.

3 Extra Tall Double Height Inner Hoops

Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ round hoops, square hoops & rectangular hoops are designed with “double height” inner hoops. This additional height provides more hooping surface area for a tighter grip on fabrics than typically achievable with “single height” frames. It also provides added strength and sturdiness and therefore extends the life of the hoop.

4 Exclusively-Engineered Plastic Offering Superior Flexibility and Strength

Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops of all versions are made with a proprietary plastic composition which makes them superior to others in both strength and durability. The quality difference is easily noticed.

5 Specially-Textured Surface Finish Increases Gripping Power

AGL / AGLC / PAGL embroidery hoops are uniquely engineered with an ideal non-slippery surface texture, enabling a tighter locking grip of the garment. Allied Grid-Lock™ embroidery frames provide very consistent tension across the hooped area of the garment. This yields superior and uniform stitch registration time after time.

6 Extra-Long External Adjustment Screw with Spacer Spring

All Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops feature a 79 mm (3-1/8 in) long external adjustment screw with a slotted and knurled head. The extra-long hoop adjustment screw provides even wider hoop opening, essential for properly hooping very thick garments. The large knurled head makes it very easy to turn the screw by hand. The provided slot also enables turning with a flat head screwdriver, which is very beneficial to those with dexterity limitations!

Most PAGL hoops also feature a center spacer spring assembled in-between the two tabs of the outer hoop to help keep the hoop at the desired amount of opening, allowing for easier insertion of the inner hoop.