image of graphic tracer converts bmp to ai or cdr

Automatically Trace  Your Customer’s Logos and Save Money with Graphic Tracer

Let’s face it…  Sometimes customers don’t know much about Embroidery or T-Shirt Artwork.

Most of the time they:

*Don’t have their original files anymore
*Don’t know where to get it
*Can’t tell you what font was used
*And expect YOU to recreate it for FREE!

As a business owner, you don’t have time to stop and trace out artwork or look for fonts each time your customer can’t find their artwork

Graphic Tracer Program Works

Only $10/month (with annual subscription)

Use Coupon Code : COLMAN99 to get first year for only $99

Graphic Tracer uses a unique technology called Sensedge™ which creates excellent looking vector graphics in minutes.


You can automatically trace poor-quality bitmap images and web-graphics with ease.  Even photos and scanned logos from business cards.


Get clean looking and easy to edit vector artwork with lines, curves, arcs, and corners in all the right places.


Graphic Tracer Knows What  Font!

You can spend literally hours searching through Corel or Photoshop looking for a matching font.  Graphic Tracer can automatically identify over 100,000 fonts.


Artwork can be part of your unique selling proposition.  Once the program identifies the font, it replaces the text with clean, crisp vector artwork in minutes.

You see the results right on the screen.


There simply isn't anything like this in Corel or Photoshop. I can never get them to look right with those programs. Not so with Graphic Tracer. Nearly Perfect every time.
Sandra Parker
Tampa, Fl
This software has made our shop more productive. Jobs that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes!
Vinh Huynh
Portland, Oregon

Special bonus:

You also get over 20,000 fonts which you can download immediately for FREE with your Graphic Tracer subscription.

For less than the cost of a polo shirt, get rid of:

  • Hard to understand subcontractors
  • Complicated web-tracing services
  • Expensive mistakes of others
  • The back-and-forth of having someone else do it

Click to get your instant download and be tracing your first design in minutes with this revolutionary software auto-pilot

“Your Satisfaction Guaranteed”


If for some reason the software isn’t for you, there’s no complicated return or restocking policy.  Just cancel your subscription online.


Amazing Results
You won’t believe how intelligent Graphic Tracer is.  Its shape-replacing tool allows you to replace poorly imaged contours with clean looking and fully resizeable ones.


  • Circles
  • Ellipses
  • Triangles
  • Stars
  • Ovals
  • Freeform
  • And Much More…


Also, the handy Auto Clean-up tool quickly perfects your graphics.


It gets rid of redundant nodes and makes the curves in your designs easier to manipulate and easy to see when editing.  The Software is even smart enough to automatically increase or decrease bitmap resolution to get the best curve fit.  This is particularly important for schools or sports team artwork

And if you ever run into trouble, the handy onboard Help System gets you the answers you need quickly and without having to pick up the phone.

Recommended by Colman & Company as well as the ColDesi group of companies, you can’t go wrong.  Try Graphic Tracer Today.  Click Below.



This programme has made my life easier and I don't worry about how do I bill all the extra hours of art time. By far the best programme to come along... I use it, I enjoy the time it saves me and like I say "Time is Money".
John "Tramp" Warner
Ontario, Canada
it's saved me so much time and money, and has reduced the amount of time I used to spend retracing logos, business cards, etc. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner.
Jim Oney
Port Bryon, IL