7 Things you need to do before starting an embroidery business.

What do I need to start an embroidery business? How do I start embroidering?

We have been asked these questions plenty of times from people all over the world. Starting a new business can be frustrating if you aren’t doing it the right way. It’s great to want to just jump in and go for it!  And there is nothing wrong with having that desire. It’s your passion and drive that have brought you to this moment, sitting on the internet reading about embroidery, equipment, sales and small business information.

So we have compiled a short list of 10 things you need to do before starting an embroidery business.

Do some research

Talk to embroiderers, talk to industry experts, talk to salespeople, read blog posts, watch videos. Just learn about what you want to do and make sure you are excited to do it!

Find a niche or two

Who might you sell to? Do you have a particular interest? The answer isn’t “everyone.” Just think about a few groups of people you can easily meet and share info about what you do. Bikers, Little League, Dancers, Business Clubs, Churches, Surfers, etc.

Think about a space

Where can you do the work? Are you getting a store? Working from your garage? A Spare bedroom?  Think about a reliable place where you can set up a machine and do production work. You will need enough room for a nice size table, a place to put your machine and a place to store your embroidery supplies.

Consider your cash flow

Are you going to purchase equipment cash or finance it? Will you use a bank load, lease or savings?  All of those are the right answer, its just a matter of your personal financial decision.

Remember to set aside funds for supplies, samples and general business expenses

You might want to get business cards, or make flyers. You will want to get some materials and garments for practice and samples. Make sure you have a set of funds set aside to help your business get started.

Learn a little about sales

It’s not necessary to become a professional salesperson, but take some time to learn a little about how gain new customers and grow your business. A little information can go a long way.

Take the time to practice your craft

Do not plan to have an order of 200 shirts completed the first day you get your machine. You will need time to practice, learn and master your craft. It wont take years, but it doesn’t happen in a day either. Just learn, practice and seek advice from your equipment supplier.

So remember to check these 7 things off your list in preparation for your new business. You will be glad you did and your business will be best prepared for success!


  1. Do some research
  2. Find a niche or two
  3. Think about a space
  4. Consider your cash flow
  5. Remember to set aside funds for supplies, samples and general business expenses
  6. Learn a little about sales
  7. Take the time to practice your craft

…and 8. Get ready to have fun. Embroidery is a fun art to master!


If you have any questions about your new business, or you recently started and want help getting stocked up with supplies, be sure to visit us at www.colmanandcompany.com or email [email protected]


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