Fulfillment: is outsourcing right for your apparel business? Fulfillment: is outsourcing right for your apparel business?

Fulfillment: Should you outsource to other embroiderers or printers?

When is the right time to use another company to fulfill orders? Is outsourcing right for your business?

outsourcing apparel decorating

A big challenge for small business owners is managing orders and handling your workload. Doing all of your work in-house allows for the best quality control and cost of production, but its not always possible. For example, purchasing supplies in bulk bags allows for a reduction in supply costs over time, this saves money and improves profitability. However, what if don’t have the equipment or time? What if you are too busy?

Is outsourcing ever right for your business? 

Determining whether you should outsource depends on your time, ability, and cash flow. Consider this example: You would like to distribute fliers in the local park during youth sporting events to advertise custom shirts for parents and children. Can you create a flier that reads well and grabs potential customers’ attention? Do you have the necessary equipment to print the fliers? Are you available to sell at these events on weekends?

You can get all of these answers in an article written for Printwear magazine.

If you are trying to find a good fulfillment partner, Contact Us at Colman and Company and we will help connect you with the right people!




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