How to Easily Add Bling to Embroidery

A Simple Tool to Add Rhinestones to Apparel.. or anything!

One of our most popular requests is about mixing embroidery and rhinestones to make one fantastic design. They really just fit well together and a few crystal rhinestones (or any color really) can take a good design and make it great!

You can go as simple as dotting and “I” with a rhinestone all the way to covering a fill stitch with rhinestones.

There are a few ways to go about doing this. You could invest in a bling machine… but that might be a little larger step than you prefer to take today.

You could look into our rhinestone transfer system, the Brush N’ Bake… this is a fantastic entry into the transfer business and combining bling and embroidery.

The way we display below though is simple and very affordable… the use of our Glitz Up Tool. This is a rhinestone motif tool that uses a vacuum and heat to make applying hotfix rhinestones extremely easy. It only takes about a minute to learn how to use it and then your imagination can run wild with hotflix bling!


How does it work?
A fairly simple concept. It uses a vaccum to hold the stones in place and the tip gets to just the right temperature to activate the hotfix glue. Once you let go of the vacuum release, the stone will stay in place and the glue will harden again.

Will the rhinestones stay on?
Absolutely! Once the hotfix glue is on, it is extremely hard to remove. In fact, you basically have to do the reverse to melt the glue to be able to remove the stone. As long as you are using our Crystalline Rhinestones, you can rest assure you will work with quality stones!

Can I wash items after I bling them?
Yes you can. The glue is powerful enough to go through the washer. Just like any apparel decorating, it is best to wash in cold/gentle.

Can it work on any materials?
Basically yes, you really just want to make sure the material can handle the heat. If the material will burn, scorch or melt at 350+ degrees; you shouldn’t bling it.

What if I have more questions?
Just give us a call or visit our main site to Live Chat. We are here to help you get your bling on!

If you want to add Bling to Embroidery or learn more about our Crystalline Rhinestones, please visit us at