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Durkee Hoops: Five Secrets to Hooping

There are several tips and tricks to make exceptional embroidery designs. However, nothing will have a bigger impact on your results than proper hooping. Choosing the right Durkee Hoop for your embroidery project is the first step in developing brilliant, professional embroidered products! More than anything else, the secret to fantastic embroidery designs rests in

Going Mobile: Take Embroidery Business on the Road

Why wait for customers to come to you?      -When you can bring your embroidery business to them! With a little planning and the Avancé compact Embroidery Machine, you can make profits almost anywhere! Sometimes, an embroidery business can’t wait for customers to come to them. They take their business to where the customers

Rhinestone Transfer System ROI Case Study

The most common question about rhinestone t-shirt systems: Will I Make MONEY?! We get questions all the time about getting into the Rhinestone business, whether it’s adding rhinestone transfers or t-shirts to an existing shop or starting from scratch. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have some pretty compelling numbers for you related