Vinyl Cutter The Heart of Rhinestone Transfer Design

With Colman and Company’s Brush-N-Bake rhinestone transfer stencil maker, you can immediately start adding bling to your customers, and profits to your wallet!

The Graphtec CE6700-40 Cutter/Plotter is the workhorse of your rhinestone transfer stencil business.

Rhinestone transfer designs are one of the fastest growing segments of the garment decorating industry. For professionals and beginners alike, one of the greatest ways to start is with the Brush-N-Bake rhinestone template system.

At the heart of the Brush-N-Bake, as well as the basis of any rhinestone transfer business, is the vinyl cutter and plotter. The vinyl cutter is the real workhorse of your rhinestone business, allowing you to create detailed transfer templates for adding rhinestone “bling” to garments, hats and other products.

The Brush-N-Bake system: Easy rhinestone transfers for your business

With the right vinyl cutter, making rhinestone template designs that flash and shine—as well as give you more profits—can be a snap! The Brush-N-Bake does not come with just any vinyl cutter, it includes the professional Graphtec CE7000-40 15” Desktop Cutter.

The CE7000-40 is an excellent tool to start a Rhinestone transfer, decal or T-shirt business, along with Sticky Flock media and Hotfix Era Rhinestone Stencil software.

The Graphtec CE7000-40 is as fast as it is compact, with a maximum cutting width of 15″ (accommodating media up to 19″ wide) and a maximum cutting speed of up to 16″ per second.  The CE7000-40 is powerful, using a cutting force of up to 300gƒ.

The CE7000-40: The right tool for the job

CE7000-40 is a fast, accurate and versatile desktop cutting plotter with an integrated front control panel providing complete parameter controls, eight preset cutting settings and advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, blade wear monitoring and more.

What makes the CE7000-40 the choice of professional rhinestone transfer designers, as well as serious hobbyists? Professional, reliable servo motors and Graphtec’s ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system.

Servo motors have digital encoders that translate the software commands into ones and zeros. This results in the smooth, precise movement of both the drive motor and cutting head. The features of the CE6000-40 give it some distinct advantages.

The Brush-N-Bake system includes Sierra’s Hotfix Era Rhinestone Stencil software, which can always be upgraded for use with the CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machines when your rhinestone transfer or decal business takes off.

CE6000-40 Servo Motors: Fast, accurate and quiet

Servo motors have no mechanical gears, which makes them much quieter in operation. Movements are directed digitally, allowing the CE6000-40 to rotate and pivot along smaller paths with high precision. Small letters (as little as 1/8” in Helvetica font) can be cut just as accurately as larger characters.

Most importantly, digital servo motors provide excellent tracking. Tracking is the ability to maintain a straight path along the material’s length. Digitally driven cutters can reach nearly ten times better tracking than conventional cutter/plotters. This makes them a premium option to work with graphics, both large and extremely small.

What truly sets the CE7000-40 alone is the performance when cutting vinyl for rhinestone transfer templates. The ARMS of the CE6000-40 can automatically contour cut pre-printed media from virtually any laser, or inkjet printers.

Expand your product line with the CE7000-40

The CE7000-40 is the perfect addition to a new or existing rhinestone transfer business, and can make all kinds of valuable items to expand your product line. In addition to vinyl stencils for rhinestone transfer designs, you can produce heat and image transfer media, card stock, contour cut stickers and labels, as well as stencil cutting for paint and etching masking.

For more information on the Brush-N-Bake rhinestone transfer system, featuring the Graphtec CE7000-40 15” Desktop Cutter/Plotter, and how you can use it to make high-profit items, contact the professional staff at Colman and Company.

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