Genuine DTG Ink Bottles

Genuine DTG Inks are formulated, tested and stored according to the highest standards of the manufacturer. Using Genuine DTG Inks ensures that your Direct to Garment printer can produce the brightest colors, clearest text and highest quality images possible.

All of our garment printer inks are designed to work perfectly with all DTG brand t-shirt printing machines and many of the top direct to garment printers on the market today.
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DTG Dark Garment (WhitePre) PreTreat - Gallon
DTG Dark Garment (WhitePre) PreTreat - Liter
DTG Light Garment PreTreat - 1 Gallon
DTG Light Garment PreTreat - 1 Liter
DTG Bright WHITE V02 Liter
DTG Bright WHITE V02 16oz
DTG Bright MAGENTA V02 8oz
DTG Bright YELLOW V02 8oz
DTG Bright BLACK V02 8oz
DTG Bright CYAN V02 8oz
DTG Bright MAGENTA V02 Liter
DTG Bright YELLOW V02 Liter
DTG Bright BLACK V02 Liter
DTG Bright CYAN V02 Liter
DTG Bright CleanSol 4oz
DTG Bright CleanSol Liter
DTG BRIGHT Flushing Solution - 1 Liter
DTG Bright MAGENTA V02 4oz
DTG Bright YELLOW V02 4oz
DTG Bright BLACK V02 4oz
DTG Bright CYAN V02 4oz
DTG Bright CYAN V02 20L
DTG Bright MAGENTA V02 20L
DTG Bright YELLOW V02 20L
DTG Bright BLACK V02 20L
DTG Bright WHITE V02 20L
DTG Dark Garment (WhitePre) PreTreat - 20L
DTG Bright CleanSol 20L
Parchment Paper 16X24- 25ct
ALBA-PRE - DTG Pretreatment Spray by AlbaChem
Spinning Cones of Thread