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Organ 9/65 SHARP | DB-K59-AA
Brand: Organ    Part #: DB-K59-AA
Organ 9/65 SHARP
    Brand: Organ     Part #: DB-K59-AA

    Organ 9/65 SHARP

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    Organ Needles are standard issue on many brands of embroidery machines. Their DB-K5 needle has a larger eye to better accommodate the "fluffier" embroidery threads. Organ's chrome needle comes in your choice of point style - ballpoint or sharp with a round shaft.

    These needles have round shafts. They'll work in home machines if that machine can accept round shaft needles. Just rotate the 'scarf' to the correct position.

    Pack of #100 needles.

    PS: On Organ packages....
    BP means 'Ball/Point'
    If there is no BP, that means 'Sharp'

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