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Basic Premium Allied Hoop Kit | Emb-Allied-Hoop-Kit-Basic
Brand: Allied    Part #: Emb-Allied-Hoop-Kit-Basic
Basic Premium Allied Hoop Kit
    Brand: Allied     Part #: Emb-Allied-Hoop-Kit-Basic

    Basic Premium Allied Hoop Kit

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    For Avance 1501C - Single Head Only
    The perfect start to your Premium Hoop Collection. Once you get started with these, you won't go back to regular hoops.

    Special features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops which make them truly superior to other hoops:

    • Patented built-in horizontal and vertical grid lines enable quick and properly aligned hooping, every time!
    • Straight-edge “lips” with alignment marks along all four inside hoop walls help you hoop square with the garment
    • Save time & money by using the built-in alignment lines to help eliminate costly garment rejections due to crooked embroidery!
    • Extra-long 79 mm (3-1/8 inch) bolt-style hoop adjusting screw is much easier to use and provides wider hoop opening for thicker garments
    • T and L markings on the tab of the hoop to show rotation direction of hoop adjusting screw for Tightening and Loosening

    Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops compared side-by-side against any other brand’s hoops will out-feature, out-perform and out-value, every time!

    Unique Features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock Hoops that enable Aligned Hooping, Saving You Time & Money:

    By using the patented built-in alignment grid lines & other features of Allied Grid-Lock hoops, you too can prevent garment rejections due to mis-aligned embroidery, as thousands of embroiderers have! You would realize real cost savings, significantly more than a potential small difference in the initial price of Allied hoops compared to other less-featured and lesser quality hoops! Start benefitting by using ‘Best Value’ Allied Grid-Lock hoops!

    This kit inlcudes the following: 

    • PAGL-1112-AVC-360        4.5" x 5" Allied Gridlock Premium Hoop - Qty x1
    • PAGL-12RD-AVC-360       4.7" Round Allied Gridlock Premium Hoop - Qty x2
    • PAGL-15RD-AVC-360       5.9" Round Allied Gridlock Premium Hoop - Qty x2

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