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EZ Peel OneStep 8.5X11 Transfer Paper (10ct) | DFXLP-SAMPLE-037
Brand: EZ Peel    Part #: DFXLP-SAMPLE-037
EZ Peel OneStep 8.5X11 Transfer Paper (10ct)
    Brand: EZ Peel     Part #: DFXLP-SAMPLE-037

    EZ Peel OneStep 8.5X11 Transfer Paper (10ct)

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    EZ Peel OneStep has been designed for the fast paced t-shirt shop that knows efficiency is the key to success. This one step paper takes out the 'marry' step, which means you go directly from printer to t-shirt.

    Not recommended for dark garments. Not recommended for apparel that requires longevity. e.g. fashion, work uniforms. Currently not for use with the i650, i560, or i550. 

    Count: 10 Sheets 
    Size: 8.5 x 11"

    EZ Peel OneStep Transfer Paper is ideal for light colored garments, faster production & reduced cost per transfer sheet.

    Our most popular transfer paper is still the traditional 2-step EZ Peel, but this one step solution might be perfect for many of your orders. It is especially great for:
    - Sample shirts
    - Event based apparel
    - White T-shirts
    - Apparel likely to only be worn a few times
    - Family Reunions
    - Birthday Parties
    - Company picnics
    - Charity Events
    - Marathons / Walkathons / 5Ks
    - Children School Events

    Download EZ Peel OneStep Instructions Here

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