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EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper STARTER PACK | DFX-HardSurface-Starter-Kit
Brand: EZ Peel    Part #: DFX-HardSurface-Starter-Kit
EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper STARTER PACK
    Brand: EZ Peel     Part #: DFX-HardSurface-Starter-Kit

    EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper STARTER PACK

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    Includes 11" x 17" paper and 13" x 20" mat
    The All-New EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper - STARTER PACK

    This pack should be purchased if you are a new user to Hard Surface Paper for your DigitalHeatFX System like the OKI8432wt and OKI9541 

    Includes both a 50 pack of EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper and a 13x20 Silicon Mat

    What is EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper? 
    This paper is your premium solution for decorating hard goods like : ceramic mugs, wood, glass, metal, tumblers, mirrors, coasters, tiles and other hard substrates. 

    EZ Peel Hard Surface is coated with a unique toner capture and release polymer. This gives you clean and accurate prints from your OKI8432wt or OKI9541 (Not for the i550) These full-color prints can then be heat applied to various substrates. 

    NOTE: If you are printing on anything BUT ceramic mugs, you will want to use the EZ Peel Silicon Pad for good results. Skipping this step is not advised. 


    How do I print on____? 
    Download the instructions and guidelines here. - These are where you should start. Remember that all of the listed substrates can vary from one to another. Be sure to test and practice. Not all wood, metal, glass and mugs are equal. 

    Is the print durable?
    The durability of your print is 100% dependend on the substrates you use. We have found mugs with rough surfaces literally need a knife to scratch the print off. On the other side we have seen coated, very glossy mugs scratch easier. Generally speaking the more porous the substrate, 
    the better the hold your transfer will have. In short, when done properly, it has great longevity. 

    Do I need to use poly-coated or sublimation items?
    No, that is the amazing part of this process. You can use every-day items. This will greatly expand your ability to decorate items. 

    What can't this be used on?
    There are 2 things you shouldn't use this on. 1: Apparel - Use EZ Peel or EZ Peel One Step Paper  - - 2: Anything that cannot withstand heat - you are going to get this paper over 300 degrees. If your item cannot handle the heat and pressure, it will not work. Anything else is up to testing and practice. 

    Why do I need a Silicon Mat? 
    If you are making mugs, you do not. As a mug press will deliver even heat and pressure. However, if you are using a flat heat press you will want to make sure the pressure is even, the heat distribution is even, and some protection from the hard surface of the heat platen. This silicon mat delivers all 3 of those. 

    This is a 50 pack of paper. This is a single step paper, no B sheet required. Designed for use on 11x17 or 13x19 printers like the OKI8432wt and OKI9541. 

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