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Hard Surface Cleaner 4oz | DFX-HardCleaner-4
Brand: EZ Peel    Part #: DFX-HardCleaner-4
Hard Surface Cleaner 4oz
    Brand: EZ Peel     Part #: DFX-HardCleaner-4

    Hard Surface Cleaner 4oz

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    Hard Surface Cleaner is a POST-PRINT cleaning product for working with EZ Peel Hard Surface Transfer Paper

    When and why would you need Hard Surface Cleaner with Digital Toner Transfers?

    When you print with a toner printer, small amounts of static are built up within the printer. This static can bounce around some of your toner, especially the white toner. 
    When you are using EZ Peel Paper or EZ Peel OneStep paper these extremely small toner particles are not big enough to be seen or even transfers on to your apparel. 
    However, when you are working with a hard surface, especially a very smooth / glossy surface (like a mirror, glass or tile), these little toner particles can end up making your finished product look cloudy or hazy. 

    This is the time to use this product, you simply use a paper towel or re-usable cloth with a little of this cleaner and it will wipe away the haze, and keep your transfer looking great. 

    Should I use this product BEFORE I print?
    No, this product is for use AFTER you print and IF you see any residue or haze from your transfer. If you want to clean something before, it's easiest to just use isopropyl alcohol. 

    Will this damage my transfer?
    This product can dissolve toner. However, it's mixed to not be extremely strong. It will easily wipe away the haze, but not your transfer. If you scrub hard enough, you can damage your transfer.

    Can I use this to completely remove a transfer or a mistake?
    This cleaner is not meant to completely remove a transfer. If you need to remove a transfer, it will depend on the material. 
    Glass / Mirror / Coated tile - These are generally very smooth and the transfer could be removed with a razor or plastic scraper. 
    Wood - The easiest way to remove a transfer from wood would be to sand it off. 
    Metal - This can vary greatly based on the type of metal. You may find yourself sanding or scraping or being unable to remove it. 
    Mugs / Ceramic - This is going to be very hard to remove, if you can remove it at all. Mugs are designed to accept transfers. They will take in the transfer and hold on. You will probably have to replace the mug. 

    This cleaner will help you remove residue, but you have to understand that there are a near infinite amount of things you can use with Hard Surface Paper. 
    Types of wood, types of metal, types of ceramic, various coating or dyes used in manufacturing. 
    It's impossible to test every product. If you are using something new, test in a small area. If it does not clean the product you are working with, that product might grab on to toner much more than another. 

    Always TEST and TRY AGAIN before you commit to large orders and large investments in blanks. 


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