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80/12 Sharp Point Titanium - GrozBeckert | DBxK5RG-80GEB-O
Brand: GrozBeckert    Part #: DBxK5RG-80GEB-O
80/12 Sharp Point Titanium - GrozBeckert
    Brand: GrozBeckert     Part #: DBxK5RG-80GEB-O

    80/12 Sharp Point Titanium - GrozBeckert

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    Groz-Beckert Needles have been designed for high speed embroidery machines. The Gebedur DBxK5 needle has a special titanium nitride coating and helps reduce needle breaks. The Gebedur DBxK5 needle is designed to last two to three times longer than the standard chrome needle. Available in the sharp point style with a round shaft.
    These needles have round shafts. They'll work in home machines if that machine can accept round shaft needles. Just rotate the 'scarf' to the correct position.

    Pack of #100 needles.

    PS: On Groz-Beckert packages....
    FFG/SES means 'Ball/Point'
    RG means 'Sharp'
    GEBEDUR means 'Titanium'

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