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UV Adhesion Promoter XP 250ml
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Part #: CI-P70i-APXP-250
UV Adhesion Promoter XP 250ml
    Part #: CI-P70i-APXP-250

    UV Adhesion Promoter XP 250ml

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    The Compress UV Adhesion Promoter XP

    A 'stronger-bond' adhesion promoter for difficult to print plastics & metals, glass, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramics and other challenging surfaces. 

    Prepare your surface by cleaning with ISO or acetone then hand apply adhesion promoter by foam brush or lint free cloth and allow to dry (takes approximately 1-2 minutes to dry) and you are ready to print. 

    Recommended Substrates

    Polymer, Metal, Glass

    Which Adhesion Promoter should you use?

    Adhesion Promoter is our original promoter for use with plastic, glass and metal. It is a general “all around” promoter. Available in 250ml bottles or 500ml bottles.

    The Adhesion Promoter XP is specifically used for other polymers (like carbon fiber for example.)

    The determination of which promoter works best is a matter of trial and error since the print surface can be so varied. Start with standard Adhesion Promoter, if you do not get the desired results, try using Adhesion Promoter XP. 

    Of course, if you need any guidance be sure to contact your Compress UV Support Team by opening a ticket here.

    Download Material Safety Data Sheets for Compress UV
    Compress UV inks have a 12 month shelf-life from date of manufacture on front of bottle. Best performance and life when agitated or rolled weekly and just prior to adding to machine. Do not vigorously shake, gently agitate.


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