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TransferJet Plus 11X17in Heat Transfer Paper (100ct) | TJP-11-100
Brand: TransferJet Plus    Part #: TJP-11-100
TransferJet Plus 11X17in Heat Transfer Paper (100ct)
    Brand: TransferJet Plus     Part #: TJP-11-100

    TransferJet Plus 11X17in Heat Transfer Paper (100ct)

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    NEW Improved! "TransferJet Plus"

    Heat Transfer Paper - For InkJet Printers. (For white & light color shirts. Can be peeled hot, warm, or cold. Each result in a different final finish based on your desire). This single step commercial grade hot peel heat transfer paper can be used with any brand/model inkjet printer (ie: Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc). Transfer time is quick at approximately 20 seconds. 

    Inkjet transfer papers are not all the same. With our product, you can expect a fast transfer time and they're extremely easy to peel. Our customers constantly tell us they have tried them all and they love this transfer paper. This transfer paper has higher quality than what you'll find in retail stores. Apply with Home Iron or Heat Press!

    Note: Inkjet transfer papers are an inexpensive way to make t-shirts that don't require special printers. Even though they produce nice t-shirts, they are not the same as professional systems like DTG - Direct to Garment, SublimationDigitalHeat FX or Print & Cut Systems. If you want to learn more about how to produce professional quality t-shirts, contact one of our pros. 

    This paper is to be used with an Inkjet Printer, preferably with pigmented inks, OEM or solvent inks. Generic inks may not render good results 

    Please follow all directions carefully for best results. 


    1. Print on the white/blank side of the paper (coated side), as the backside will have a watermark. 

    2. In print options, select Plain paper as your paper type and high Quality, and turn the mirror image option on. 

    3. Print in either 360dpi or 720dpi mode (do not print at higher than 720 dpi). 

    4. Allow the transfer to dry thoroughly after printing - we suggest 10 to 30 minutes. 

    Transferring Instructions: 

    TIPS: If shirt is 100% cotton, it will have the tendency to absorb excessive moisture. This can lead to bleeding problems. To avoid this, it is best to pre-heat T-shirt until all the steam is out - about 5 to 10 seconds. 

    After the image has dried from printing, cut the image leaving a 1/8” border around the image. You can use a craft or professional cutter and weed the access material from the paper, leaving only the printed image. Use 20-30 Grams of force or the “Heat Transfer- Printable Light Fabric” setting – and slow speed. 

    Commercial Heat Press Hot – Warm – Cold Peel Instructions: 

    1. Press the image at 375°- 385° F for 20-30 seconds with the heat press, using moderate pressure. The better the heat press the less temperature and time the paper requires. Best results are with Heat presses with a thick heating platen.

    2. Peel the transfer starting at the corner. USE CAUTION, PAPER WILL BE HOT. 

    Hot Peel - Peel the paper quickly – This will result in the softest transfer.

    Warm Peel - Peel the paper after 10-15 seconds delay – This will result in more vibrant color transfer, less softer texture 

    Cold Peel - Peel the paper when cold - This will result in most vibrant transfer and a softer texture

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